The Serbian Army is in a state of combat readiness after the riots in the north of Kosovo

A policeman secures the riot area in the town of Zvečan. STRINGS | Reuters

Belgrade reacts to clashes between Serbian protesters and Kosovo police in several towns in Mitrovica

President and Commander of the Serbian Army, Aleksandar Vucic, put this friday combat alert of the Army and ordered troop layout near the Kosovo border following clashes between protesters and police in areas of northern Kosovo with a majority Serbian population.

The government justified this measure as a response to alleged abuses by the Kosovo police against Serbian citizens in the cities Zvečan, Zubin Potok and Leposavić, in the area of ​​Mitrovica.

The warning came into force immediately and implies the obligation of the Army to defend Serbia’s sovereignty. In a televised interview, the Minister of Defense, Miloš VucevicPresident Vučić assured that “He is warned for days and weeks” this situation to the international community. Belgrade believes that he is the prime minister of Kosovo albino kurtiis trying to cross the red line, with a “complete breakdown of dialogue” bilaterally, with the mediation of the EU and the USA, and “escalation on the ground”.

The northern part of Kosovo has been a constant source of tension in recent months. In April, the Serbian community, the majority in the northern municipalities, boycotted local electionswhich resulted in a minimal turnout — below 4 percent — and a victory for representatives of parties associated with the Albanian minority who are now trying to take power.

Kosovo police used tear gas to disperse Serb protesters who tried to prevent access municipalities in Kosovo Albanians, mayors of Zvečani and Zubin Potok. The incidents damaged police vehicles and activated warning sirens, according to KosovaPress. At least ten people received help with minor injuries.

Kosovo, a former Serbian province inhabited by a large majority of Albanians, declared its independence in 2008, which Serbia does not recognize. The Serbs are demanding that they be granted a certain degree of autonomy, agreed with the mediation of the European Union ten years ago, and the withdrawal of the special forces sent to the region by the government from Pristina.

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