Terror suspect Chechen ‘hanged himself’ in Russian custody Egyptian President al-Sisi has been sworn in for a third term

Terror suspect Chechen ‘hanged himself’ in Russian custody Egyptian President al-Sisi has been sworn in for a third term
On the same day of the terrorist attack on the Krokus City Hall in Moscow, Chechen Askhab Uspanov was arrested. A few hours later he was dead.

Chechen-born Askhab Uspanov was waiting at the bus stop in Russia after work when he was arrested by masked men who later turned out to be Russian police officers. The arrest took place on March 22, just hours after the terrorist attack on the Krokus City Hall in Moscow. He was accused of involvement in the terrorist attack. A short time later he was dead.


His mother Taisa Uspanova reported this to the independent Russian news portal Agentsvo. After his arrest, he called his wife and told her that she did not have to follow him to the police station. “You have nothing against me”, he is said to have said to his wife, according to his mother. However, he allegedly called again later and asked the woman to pick him up. He admitted to insulting law enforcement officers.

When the woman arrived at the station two hours later, she was informed that her husband is no longer there. She replied that she had just spoken to him on the phone, to which the police officer said, according to his mother:

“You did that, and now you won’t do that anymore.”

The Chechen opposition movement 1ADAT was the first to report the deaths of Chechens on Telegram on March 29. During interrogation he was tortured, but he did not survive. On April 1, they released a video showing Uspanov’s body and explaining the autopsy results. Uspanov suffered broken ribs, a broken spine and large hematomas all over his body. The body also shows signs of strangulation. The person filming says in the video that law enforcement tried to cover up their crime. This would make it appear as if the Chechens committed suicide by hanging.

Uspanov’s mother does not believe in suicide. She is convinced that her son did not harm himself because he is Muslim and suicide is condemned in Islam. She also categorically denies that her son had anything to do with the terrorist attack on the Krokus concert hall. The terrorist attack on March 22 killed more than 140 people and injured dozens of others.

Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the attack in several letters. Western security authorities and experts consider these reports credible. They believe the attack was carried out by the IS offshoot of the Islamic State Khorasan Province (ISPK). However, Russian leaders are trying to portray Ukraine as the real mastermind. Putin told a meeting at the Interior Ministry on Tuesday that all beneficiaries of this crime should be investigated. At the same time, he announced that the actions of security authorities and other agencies during the attack should be investigated. (saw)

With material from the SDA and DPA news agencies.

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