Deportivo bring back Quiles in pursuit of third place

Lapeña and Quiles fight at Deportivo training

Lapeña and Quiles fight at Deportivo training Author: CAESAR WHOAN

The scorer registers for the final day in Pasarón, where Dépor aims to regain its position on the podium of the category before the promotion phase

Pichichi is already here. Almost a month after his face was smashed in Córdoba, Alberto Quiles (Huelva, 1995) will wear the blue and white again, determined to make up for what he missed. His return becomes the best news that Deportivo can hope for ahead of the decisive games that await them at the end of the season. While it can never compare to those who will reach the next stage of promotion, the final day this afternoon carries more expectations than simply starring in a worthy regular season finale.

The first, in the form of the blue and white number 9, whose form is crucial for Deportiva’s luck in the success of the campaign. Scorer of 15 goals in 33 games, including five in the six days he played before requiring surgery to fracture two facial bones, Quiles is looking to return to form amid a good blue-and-white wave, as well as fit into the new system he is implementing Ruben de la Barrera. Last Saturday, in his usual Andalusian role, i.e. starting from the band but appearing from anywhere, he was seen enjoying himself Lucas Perez, so now it will be necessary to see how the technician will move his two references. The right wing, judging by the last training sessions, will once again become the playground of the Huelva players, while the athlete number 7 would return to that midfield where Soriano, in all likelihood absent, already excelled last Saturday.

Regardless of the solution, the quiet victory of the reinstatement of the coach of Coruña tends to be supported by a new victory based on the best possible feelings, solvency in the game and lethal character from both areas. The virtues he showed recently at Riazor should be worth wiping away once and for all the cold sweat that breaks out in him every time he plays abroad. The unsolved question returns to him this Saturday, and he will do it again in two crossovers for promotion, which will be decided in a double game: one at home and the other at home, under the protection of his huge fans. Just finishing the league in third place will ensure playing the decisive semi-final match against his fans, where he has shown so many times that he is infallible.

without risk

This is the first step towards success for a team that needs everything, but is calling on the best version of its key players in Pasarón. The importance of a third-place finish will include the most prominent lineup possible, so they don’t have to lament the crossovers that will mark their fate and that of their team. Anyway, shameless Deportivo de Luke and Yeremayto which Quiles hopes to add his powder from the first minute, but also to the same team that characterizes the weathermen svenssonseniority from Alex Bergantinos and solvent mackay.


In front will be Pontevedra, who tiptoed back to the third category, even though they drew in the first round at Riazor. Given that relegation is mathematically certain for several days, and nothing more is at stake except the honor of saying goodbye to the season in front of their fans, the match will serve as a well-deserved tribute to the last idol of the Bordeaux club, the shooter Charles, who will hang up his boots at the age of 39. The former athlete will play in the home defense Derik Osedawhile on the local bench he will lead the history of Spanish football as john sirwho scored the final goal in that unforgettable 12-1 win over Malta in December 1983.

They set up

Pontevedra: Cacharrón; Bastos, Derik, Soto, Samu Araujo; Miguel Roman, Borja Dominguez; Álex González, Yelko, Brais Abeleda; and Charles.

Sports: Mackay; Trilli, Jaime, Pepe Sánchez, Lebedenko; Quiles, Villares, Alex Bergantiños, Lucas, Yeremay; and Svensson.

Referee: Jaime Ruiz Álvarez (Asturias Committee)

Schedule: 19:30, TVG-2 and InSports.

The people from A Coruña are waiting for a better result than Castilla in Algeciras

Deportivo comes to the last day of the First Federation with the possibility of third place. If they did, they would have two advantages: playing the second leg of the semi-final at Riazor and going through the round in the event of a draw after hypothetical extra time (no penalties). Just now, Castile and Depor In this third position, they are tied with 66 points, but the Whites are ahead because they have surpassed the A Coruña team in individual goals, having won at Valdebebas and drawn at Riazor.

Therefore, if the team Ruben de la Barrera wants to surpass him in the table, he has to improve the result that Real Madrid Castilla achieves in Pontevedra you are algecirating. That is, if blue and white win, they need a branch to play (draw or lose), and if they tie, they must be defeated. Three valid results out of nine possible combinations (33.33%). Castilla visit Algeciras who have yet to confirm their consistency. And they will do it without their two most important players. without injuries Arrivalsneither alvaro rodriguezquoted with the first team.

Real B-Castellón, the key to knowing the “play off” opponents

Whatever the result of Deportivo, it will be measured in the semi-finals of the promotion phase to the Second League against the third or fourth place in Group 2. The positions aimed at by the four teams, although all accounts go through one game : he Real Sociedad B-Castellón.

The orelluts they will be third if they score in San Sebastián; while the affiliate will only achieve this by adding a win. He Barcelona Athletic You can only choose to finish fourth, which will be if you beat relegated UD Logroñés, regardless of other results.

The one with the least chance of being a rival to Dépor is Murcia. That would happen only if the Coruñas are third, and the people from Paprenia manage to win older and Barcelona’s subsidiary and Real B also lose.

Source: La Vozde Galicia



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