Sister Amancia Ortega buys 5.6% of Altija and becomes its third largest shareholder

Sister Amancia Ortega buys 5.6% of Altija and becomes its third largest shareholder


Through Incio Inversores, Josefa Ortega invests eleven million euros in a Galician technology company

Indian investor Ram Bhavnani sold 5.66% of his stake in technology company Altia to Incio Inversores, to make company controlled by Josefa Ortega, sister of Inditex founder Amancia Ortega, in exchange for eleven million euros, according to information the company sent to BME Growth, where it is listed.

The operation was carried out through Casa Kishoo SA, one of the investment holders of Ram Bhavnani, who sold a package of shares of 3.89 million shares to Incio Inversores, which corresponds to 5.6627% of Altija’s share capital. , at a unit price of 2.8 euros per title. In this way, the amount of the operation amounts to EUR 10.9 million, although the current market value of this package is EUR 12.15 million, considering that today around two o’clock in the afternoon Altija shares were traded at EUR 3.12 per title. , says Europa Press.

This transaction comes ten days after Ram Bhavnani increased his position in Altia to 12.471%. After the sale of Incio Inversores, the share of the Indian investor in the company’s share capital was reduced to 6.8 percent.

Boxleo TIC is still the main shareholder of Altija with 80% of the share capital, the second is Bhavnani, and the third is Incio Inversores with 5.66%.

Altia will hold a regular general meeting of shareholders on June 5 in Oleiros. The company recorded a net profit of 10.2 million in 2022, 16.6% more than the previous year and the highest in the company’s history. In addition, it invoiced 167.2 million, with a growth of 32.8 percent.

Source: La Vozde Galicia



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