Fashion Wear balloon skirts will be the most fashionable in summer 2023: 8 beautiful options for every day

Wear balloon skirts to be the most fashionable in summer 2023: 8 beautiful options for every day

No, we absolutely love this trend of hypertrophied femininity. Take the same column dress that has become a megatrend in recent months: a simple cut – and what an effect! And let’s also remember the balektor with fluffy tutu skirts, the cutest leggings and a pastel palette – pure cuteness, honestly.

The popularity of balloon skirts, which fashion bloggers have long gained, is therefore predictable. And here’s the interesting thing: in most cases, influencers choose a midi length, which makes the skirt look like a bud. Models made of unusual material are especially good: for example, wrinkled fabrics look interesting, and “wrinkles” are almost not visible on them, which is quite convenient.

Skirts with satin or viscose protrude to the tips: shiny surfaces resemble petals. At the same time, romantic balloons do not have to be worn with something so elegant, on the contrary, mixes with rougher things look the coolest.

Combine puff skirts with Mary Jane boots and boots, cardigans and bulky sweatshirts, men’s shoulder jackets and even Birkenshots. The brighter the contrast, the more interesting the look!

Inspire Girls Skirts

Skirt Inspire Girls, 6592 rub.

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You want a skirt

The skirt you want, 8900 rubles.

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Lime skirt

Lime skirt, 5999 rubles.

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Charuel skirt

Charuel skirt, 6990 rubles.

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Befree skirt

Befree skirt, 2299 rubles.

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Skirt much love

Much Love skirt, 3760 rubles.

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Self-made skirts

Selfmade skirt, 12990 rubles.

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Kinky skirt, 60,000 rubles.

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Ivolga skirt

Ivolga skirt, 5200 rubles.

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