Elmis Castillo, her aunt died while awaiting a diagnosis

With a hidden pain in his soul that does not go away, actor and producer Elmis Castillo told how his aunt recently died while waiting for a diagnosis, having only received an assessment of probable cancer.

“She was taken by a very aggressive cancer, but what hurts me the most is that she died with a diagnosis that read, ‘Probably, probably has cancer,'” Castillo said.

He explained it, in chiriquithe place where your family member stayed does not exist machine do one resonance complete to determine where it is Cancer and with his aunt’s condition he could not travel to the city.

“The people who suffer this disease You know what I’m talking about,” said the actor and comedian.

Castillo decided to discuss this very personal topic with his followers as his next projectthe movietalk about shortcomings that the people must live.

Visibly affected even after a long day of work, Castillo expressed that he was trying to get up budget movie. (…) In March, I will shoot my film, for which people do not vote for them, he said.

He added that in this country people have to make an effort on their own and not expect anything from the government, on the contrary, they have to fight for change government so they are not the same, because people will have a tragic end.

“I want to make this project so that we understand with comedy, drama, with film, that we do not allow ourselves to be robbed in this way because they are no longer stealing moneyThey also steal people’s lives,” he mused.

Castillo dedicated this video to all the people who died with “probably“, “See you in March at the cinema”, he said at parting.

In the post, friends, colleagues and playground personalities they expressed their solidarity with Castillo and expressed their support.

Source: Panama America



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