Miguel Melfi reacts with humor to the ridicule of Karen Sevillano

Miguel Melfi reacts with humor to the ridicule of Karen Sevillano

More than a week has passed since then Nataly Umaña left the competition in Colombian Hall of FameHowever, it is still a topic of conversation recently Karen Sevillano He brought it up.

In the conversation, in which they participated i Miguel Melfi, Diana Angel, Safe and Karen Sevilla, discussed the Panamanian’s performance in competencewhich they assessed as good and correct.

Diana Ángel and La Segura believe that Melfi stayed away from they are fighting and controversies inside the house, which Sevillano found very funny.

In jest and naturally, Sevillano taunted Melfi a bit, assured him that his companions were right, however, all he did was get into marriage from Umaño i Alejandro Estrada.

“Here, Melfi does not mess with anyone, he only got involved in her marriage. Nataly Umañabut the rest didn’t mess with anybody,” Sevillano said.

La Segura and Diana Ángel found it very funny. comment his partner, and the Panamanian didn’t escape either, except that he also took it very seriously. humor.

In response, Melfi threw a pillow at Sevillano and crashed laughter with his companions ridicule about his relationship with Umaño.

The comment did not go unnoticed by the viewers either, many liked it in between joke and the joke told the truth to the Panamanian.

“It had to be said and it was clearly said”, “He exudes sincerity”, “Things are the way they are”, “That Karen is great”, “If Melfi was wondering what was going on” and “He was praised and Karen damaged him”, are some of the reactions.

Source: Panama America



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