Blick answers the most important questions about the dam’s demolition: will it now be a mega flood?

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On Tuesday morning, the water flows from the Kachowkaer Reservoir.

The reservoir at the giant Kachowka Dam contains several billion cubic meters of water. Now those millions of liters are becoming a threat. Images on social media show large amounts of water flowing out of the lake.

The evacuation of the population is underway – Kherson and 80 other villages are threatened with complete flooding. According to the Ukrainian authorities, 16,000 people are in danger.

It is not the first time that the Kachowka dam has become the center of the war. In the fall, the Ukrainian army accused Russia of trying to blow up the dam. Blick provides the most important questions and answers.

What happened?

Apparently there were explosions early in the morning. Ukraine accuses Russia of deliberate demolition. Ukrainian journalist Konstantin Ryenko writes on Telegram: “According to preliminary information, since the evening, the Russians have opened all the sluice gates to drain the water and raise the water level of the Dnepr River.”

Meanwhile, the Kremlin claims Ukraine’s shelling caused the damage. Russian propagandists have another theory: the dam was simply too old. “The dam couldn’t handle the damage and the water pressure,” writes Russian propagandist Yuri Podoliaka.

The Russian news service Tass writes that 11 of the 28 parts of the Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant have been destroyed and 80 settlements could be flooded.

Where is the Kachowka Dam?

The plant, built in 1955, is located near the southern Ukrainian region of Kherson. The reservoir that contains the dam is gigantic. The reservoir is 240 kilometers long and has a capacity of 18.2 billion cubic meters of water. There are many settlements along the Dnieper River. These are now endangered.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky (45) said in the fall that the dam had been dug by Russian soldiers.

What are the consequences of the explosion?

The region’s military governor, Alexander Prokudin, warned that water levels could reach critical levels within five hours. “The extent of the destruction, the speed and volume of the water and the probable areas of flooding are being determined,” he said. If a dam breaks, hundreds of thousands of people on the Dnieper River are at risk.

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The controversial Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant is also located near the dam. It can also be in acute danger in the event of a large tidal wave. Because an interruption of the water supply in southern Ukraine would also affect the cooling system of the nuclear power plant. If the dam were destroyed, “the North Crimean Canal would simply disappear,” which supplies water to the Black Sea peninsula of Crimea, which Russia annexed in 2014.

What’s the threat now?

Local residents report that the water is gradually rising. The first houses are already under water. The population is evacuated by buses.

But: the water apparently flows out evenly. In addition, the dam section must still be under water. A mega tidal wave does not seem to be an issue for the time being. Ryenko said: “I don’t know what they really intended, but the impact was so strong that almost the entire power plant was wiped out, but luckily there was no tsunami and the water came down evenly.”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy called a meeting of the National Security Council after the blast, it was announced this morning.

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