“I am your Mrs. Russia”: model and singer Natalya Oscar became the winner of the beauty contest 06.06.2023, 09:00

In Moscow, they chose the main beauty among the married women of the country. About winning the competition “Mrs. Russia of the World-2023” was fought by 83 participants, the oldest of them – 62 years old. Each of them paraded in an outfit demonstrating the beauty of their native region.

The ladies also walked the stage in swimsuits. “I was very shy, honestly” admitted plus size model Tatyana Burdukovskaya from Yakutsk. — But when the organizers said why the ascent in a swimsuit was introduced as an international standard, I had goosebumps, tears and an understanding of how deep it all is. This exit shows that there are no bruises on the woman’s body, which means she is free of violence.”

Natalya Oskar from the Far East made a video with her husband in the car before the final of the competition. And at the competition itself, she performed her song “I am your Mrs. Russia”, which she filmed in April.


“My song came out on Cosmonautics Day “I am your Mrs. Russia”! Natalia said. – When they offered me to participate in the competition, I thought about what I could bring to it. I wanted to give meaning, depth and connect the contestants with a sense of unity and family. And then, last October, the first words of the chorus came to me “I am your Mrs. Russia. My country is my strength”. For me, my country is my family. And I dream that every person will realize the strength and power of a single spirit. Supporting each other, believing in success and helping others is what I want to see in people.”

Natalia Oskar won the crown and the title "Mrs. Russia-2023"

As a result, Oscar won the main title. “Mrs. Russia – 2023″ with the right to choose to participate in any international competition – Oscar Natalia,” announced the host of the competition, Valentin Forostyany.

She also received a prize – a holiday in Bali with accommodation in a luxury hotel. It is known that Natalia teaches English, writes original songs and raises her little daughter.

Natalya Oskar with her husband and daughter

Alisa Golubeva became Mrs. Russia World 2023. Title “Ms. Supermodel of Russia” won by Yekaterina Kudryavtseva, “Lady of the Universe” became Valentina Shatalova and “Mrs. Russia World Classic” – Olesya Mironova. The jury awarded the title Mrs. Russia Europe Julia Shevchenko and the title of Mrs. Russia Universe by Alena Yaroslavtseva. Olga Burkhanová became “grandmother of Russia” and “Property of Russia” – Svetlana Kotlová.

The owner of the “Mrs. Russia” crown last year was Nina Banna, a mother of three children. A Muscovite owns a hotel in the Czech Republic. The hosts of the competition were actors Alexander Nosik and Anna Kalashnikova.


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And the crown “Miss Russia-2022” was won by 22-year-old student Anna Linnikovová from St. Petersburg. She talked about the behind the scenes of Miss Universe.

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