Austrians are jealous of us: SRF expert is Gut-Behrami’s secret good luck charm

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Lara Gut-Behrami’s season has been excellent so far: will the Ticino woman celebrate her big victory in the overall World Cup at the end of March?

It’s been a running joke in the Women’s Ski World Cup for a long time, and from a Swiss perspective, it’s a pretty good joke. It goes like this: If Stefan Abplanalp (49) comments as an expert in the field of SRF, the fans can almost certainly count on a Swiss podium finish.

Abplanalp is the secret good luck charm of Swiss ski women. The former World Cup coach has been at the microphone as an expert on television since the winter of 2022/2023. His record since then? Abplanalp supervised 31 races – there was at least one Swiss podium finish 25 times. Wow.

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Such a reliable good luck charm even arouses jealousy among rivals from Austria. According to “Tages-Anzeiger,” ORF commentator Peter Brunner once said during the season that Abplanalp should please move to Austrian television, saying that the Austrians needed more luck in their crisis than the Swiss.

Gut-Behrami already won at Abplanalp’s SRF debut

Well, in the current hot phase of the season, with Lara Gut-Behrami (32) as the overall World Cup leader, a good luck charm called Abplanalp can’t hurt the Ticino woman either. The good news for Gut-Behrami: the Bernese Oberlander will accompany his expert team colleague Tina Weirather (34) in all races until the end of the season at the end of March in Saalbach at SRF due to her maternity holiday. Next up for him are the speed races this weekend in Kvitfjell (Nee), together with SRF commentator Men Marugg (34), when Gut-Behrami can further extend her lead over rival Mikaela Shiffrin (28), who will be absent in any case to Being.

Abplanalp’s almost uncanny run of podiums began in November 2022 at the SRF premiere with a direct hit from Gut-Behrami as she won the giant slalom in Killington in the US. Will the former coach with twenty years of experience as a coach at Swiss Ski, the Americans, Norway and Slovenia now also have a good influence on the Swiss results in March?

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