Strong qualification in Barcelona: Swiss equestrian team jumps to the A-final

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Martin Fuchs jumps into the final with the Swiss riding team in Barcelona. (archive image)

Teams from 15 countries started to qualify for the A-Final of the best eight countries, which was worth 1.25 million euros. Four points meant 4th place for Switzerland, which entered the qualifying phase as number 1 thanks to victories at the CSIO St. Gallen, in Falsterbo in Sweden and in Dublin.

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Starter Martin Fuchs with Commissar Pezi and European champion Steve Guerdat with Venard showed flawless rides, while Alain Jufer with Dante recorded one fall. Janika Sprunger and Orelie ensure the Swiss elimination result with eight points.

Britain without a drop

Great Britain is the only team without a drop. Thanks to their faster time, Brazil and Germany were ahead of Switzerland with team boss Michel Sorg.

Last year’s winners Belgium and France, who were second at the time, also reached the A-final with places 5 and 8. (SDA)

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