Secretary General of EDI: Lukas Gresch is a candidate for chancellery

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EDI Secretary General Lukas Gresch wants to become chancellor. (archive image)

‘Switzerland in the Weekend’ reported on the candidacy on Saturday. Gresch confirmed his candidacy at the request of the Keystone-SDA news agency. Gresch also announced that the non-party candidacy was submitted well before the start of the winter session. The factions could still decide on his hearing.

It’s not entirely surprising that the 51-year-old is running. Gresch was considered a possible candidate. What’s even more surprising is the late timing of the announcement.

In addition to Gresch, three other candidacies have been announced so far. The GLP has nominated current Vice Chancellor Viktor Rossi. The French-speaking Swiss Nathalie Goumaz and the German-speaking Swiss Gabriel Lüchinger are running for election to the SVP. The election will take place on December 13.





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