An anti-constitutional treaty that exposed political reality

A recent decision of Supreme Courtwhich declared the contract between Minera Panamá and the state unconstitutional, reveals a deeper problem in government management led by Nito Cortizo and Gaby Carrizo. This judgment is a strong wake-up call about the quality of the decisions they promoted and how they directly affect the population. Although the Court pointed out the irregularities, it is worrying that the president did not apologize to the people for supporting the contract, which has now been shown to be a risk for the state and which violated about 25 articles of the constitution.

The rapid approval of the contract, with the complicity of the representatives who ratified it in record time, highlights one of the main failings of the political system. These types of express procedures reflect a lack of transparency and accountability, creating a fertile ground for possible irregularities affecting collective interests. In this case, the connection between representatives and treaty approval raises uncomfortable questions about the integrity and independence of the legislature.

Equally troubling is the lack of accountability from the president and his team. Although he came out to declare that he would abide by the ruling Court, the omission of an apology to the people highlights the need for honest self-criticism. This episode suggests that the agreement was promoted on the terms that are now Court unconstitutional, which indicates the irresponsibility of not making more careful and responsible decisions of the Government.

AND FROM THE AUTHOR: Dark times in the National Assembly

The departure of several representatives from the country in the midst of the crisis gives an additional shade of disconnection between the political class and the real needs of the population. This irresponsible behavior at a critical moment reinforces the perception that some MPs are more concerned about their own interests than the welfare of the country.

In this new phase, the crucial question arises as to how those who defended the disputed contract tooth and nail continue to represent the citizens. Trust in these representatives has been broken, and it is the citizens’ responsibility to seek answers and take concrete actions in order to correct the course in the next elections. This episode only shows more clearly that a significant change is needed in those who represent us in National Assembly, and in those who showed questionable loyalty to the country’s interests. Transparency, accountability and authenticity are imperative to restore the trust of citizens and will obviously only be achieved through complete renewal Assembly.

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