After the LGBTQ+ movement was banned: Raids on many gay bars in Moscow

After the LGBTQ+ movement was banned: Raids on many gay bars in Moscow

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LGBTQ representatives in front of the Supreme Court building in Russia.

According to media reports, Russian police raided several gay bars and nightclubs in Moscow. A men-only sauna was also searched, according to reports in various Russian media on Saturday. The apparently coordinated raids took place shortly after the international LGBTQ+ movement was banned by the Russian judiciary.

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The videos showed police officers outside a nightclub popular with gays where, among other things, a large dance party was being held. “The music stopped in the middle of the party,” an eyewitness told Ostoroshno Novosti. The police then took photos of the guests’ identification documents.

This is what the acronym LGBTQ+ stands for

Late Friday evening, St. One of the city’s oldest gay clubs in St. Petersburg has announced its closure. He cited “main station” as the reason for a decision the Supreme Court made the day before.

Russia’s Supreme Court on Thursday banned the “international LGBTQ+ movement” for “extremism” and banned its activities on Russian territory. The English acronym LGBTQ+ stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and more.

The decision came into effect immediately. However, the Supreme Court did not initially provide any information on whether its decision applied to specific individuals or entities in Russia. This meant that its exact effects initially remained unclear. “Extremism” carries long prison sentences in Russia. (AFP)

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