The 5 best swimwear models for women 50+: stylists’ opinion Fashion

“Age doesn’t define style, but it can influence the comfort, fit and functionality a woman looks for in a swimsuit. In your 50s or 60s, you may not choose the model you liked in your 20s or 30s,” says stylist Sunika Du.

“The key is to find a piece that accentuates the parts of your body you’re proud of and subtly detracts from the parts you don’t like,” adds Michele Barrett, who specializes in capsule wardrobes.

Here’s a swimsuit that experts say lets you do just that.

V-neck one-piece swimsuit


According to experts, this model will suit a woman with any figure. “The deep V-neck accentuates the waist. Remember that the wider the straps, the thinner they will appear,” explains fashion stylist Elisabeth Kosich.


If you want to show a little more skin than a one-piece swimsuit allows, but not expose as much belly as a bikini, tankinis are a great compromise. “This model is perfect for women with a long torso or pear shape because it allows you to create a more balanced silhouette,” says Sunika.

High waisted bikini

A nod to 1950s retro fashion, high-waisted bikinis are popular for good reason – they cover the stomach on one side and reveal the thinnest part of the waist on the other. “This style is especially suitable for apple and hourglass. But to be honest, they will look just as good on any other figure,” says Du.

Gathered one-piece swimsuit

“Assemblies are a woman over 50’s best friend. They can hide any imperfections you don’t want to show,” says stylist Robin Saperstein. “It also accentuates your curves and makes your bust look bigger,” adds Du.

Ruched one shoulder swimsuit

“Diagonal lines slim and lengthen the silhouette, so look for similar prints, patterns, seams or color blocks. Any asymmetric model will do, including those with one arm,” advises Kosich. Calling, he says, is a great distraction from problem areas and adds “style and drama.” And of course, if you’re proud of your arms and shoulders, then a swimsuit like this is a great way to show them off.

Source: The Voice Mag



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