Fashion stylist’s tutorial: how to choose a summer dress to hide your tummy

Fashion stylist’s tutorial: how to choose a summer dress to hide your tummy

There is still time to prepare for summer, as they say, from head to toe. Today we will look at dresses that will help you shape your figure, enjoy summer to the fullest and not think that anyone cares about your fabric-covered tummy. First of all, no, no! Second, let’s always choose those styles that make you feel great and confident. A fashion expert helps us with that!

stylist, curator of Fashion Factory School

There are two types of figures with a pronounced tummy: “upper” and “lower”. In the upper type, the volumes and the waist are not too defined, in the lower belly a little more noticeable. For both, it is recommended to choose a dress in one of two options: it is either a model with a high waist (Athena cut, where the hem of the dress starts from the chest), or, on the contrary, with a low waist (Gatsby-style slim dress).

In both cases, the cut of the dress does not focus on the waist area and helps to hide the features of the figure that you do not want to show at all. But you should generally avoid dresses with a detachable waist (where the transition between the top and the skirt is visible to the naked eye).

“Athena” dress

Just recently, the stylist students of my Fashion Factory course and I practiced styling this version of the dress. The top can be varied and designed in the form of a simple T-shirt, American armhole, one shoulder or strapless. Therefore, girls with different types of figures can choose the right cut for themselves depending on the width of the shoulders or the volume of the chest – this is very individual.


Wide shoulders are well adjusted by American armholes and one-shoulder dresses, it is better to “wrap” a voluminous chest in a top with wide straps, and a small one in a top with thin straps or without them. Next, the desired length is selected – and a unique dress will appear in your wardrobe, in which you will always look feminine.

The Athena dress therefore perfectly corrects not only the waist and stomach, but also the upper part of the figure.

Gatsby style dress

The upper part of the dress, as with Athena, can be very diverse. Therefore, all the recommendations I have given above are easy to use in this case. However, dresses in this style will feature a dropped waist or a tapered waist. The winning Gatsby model will look better with a knee-length dress, a little shorter or longer – in practice, I noticed that this vintage cut “plays” exactly in the midi.

If you have a pronounced waist, but still have a tummy, dress options with a fitted silhouette, but not too tight, are suitable for you. For example, a wrap dress – on the one hand, it will emphasize the waist well, on the other hand, draperies will help to hide the volume. You can even use a belt, but on the condition that the fabric of the dress is plastic, fits well on the figure and does not stand on a pole.

It is very important to emphasize the waist either with a cut or with a belt or belt. Avoid dresses with buttons up the front – they can accentuate the tummy area.

You should also not choose clothes with a large pattern: a “full size” print can emphasize the volumes in the abdomen at a disadvantage. Choose a dress with a medium print or a vertical print for a slimming effect.

And don’t forget to straighten your shoulders: good posture in itself eliminates the tummy and also makes your walk more confident. In combination with new fashionable dresses, it will be our main summer highlight!

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