Forget these shades like a bad dream: what colors in clothes look “cheap” – learn from the mistakes of the stars Fashion

Forget these shades like a bad dream: what colors in clothes look “cheap” – learn from the mistakes of the stars Fashion

The texture, density of the fabric and, of course, its shade – all this certainly affects it
on whether the clothes will look “expensive”. If we remove from the equation at least
one variable, then the desired effect – a stylish image – will not be achieved.

Therefore, today we will find out which color can disappoint you. With examples of looks from the red carpet, we show how even dresses that cost thousands of dollars can look “cheap”!


The trend of neon shades comes back every few years, but still
not everyone has learned how to properly incorporate such things into their wardrobe. In 2023 there will be more shades of yellow, green, orange and pink.
they don’t seem relevant – that’s a fact.


One of the side effects of wearing flashy clothing is that most of the time the outfit won’t look “expensive” no matter how stylish you choose. But if you still like neon, then try small bright accessories and combine them with clothes in neutral shades to dilute the neon effect.


Just don’t confuse our hero with a Tiffany shade (screaming bright turquoise has nothing to do with this luxury)! A rich color that is located in the palette between green and blue, even if it is associated with freshness, can greatly burden your image.

If you are close to the marine palette, then it is better to pay attention to a muted blue shade – ordinary clothes of this color (for example, cotton shirts) ideally correspond to the trend for old money and quiet luxury.

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In 2022, we’ve seen, it seems, every variation in existence on the catwalks
purple. Panton then announced “Very Peri” as the main color of the year and many more
fashions have literally been placed on the hue that is obtained when
a mixture of red and blue.

But if gentle lavender and dark purple can still be found on street style stars, then fashionable girls try to avoid plum. Such a deep purple with a warm undertone does not look “expensive” and can spoil the impression of your appearance, even if the cut of the clothes itself seems ideal.

Dirty lime

We associate the juicy shade of lime with summer and holidays, but a more muted, slightly “dirty” version of this color is more reminiscent of a hospital stay.

The complex combination of yellow and green will make the face pale and cheapen almost any outfit. Yellow clothes with a golden undertone will highlight your tan much better and remind you of the hot season. These pieces pair perfectly with shoes and accessories in basic colors like black, gray and white – you can’t go wrong with them!

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