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    Beware of emotional addiction!

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    Do you know what emotional addiction is? It is a form of relationship in which a person feels unable to function without the presence and support of another person.

    Experts emphasize that an addicted person is constantly searching approval and recognition of another personwhich leads her to a feeling of insecurity and inferiority.

    They explain that it can appear in any species relationship, be it friendship, partner or work. On this occasion, we will look at the emotional dependence on the couple.

    A strong need to always be in contact with another, to the extent that prosperity and happiness they depend on the other, says psychologist Maybell from C. Aizprú.

    “It is not loveit’s an addiction to that person,” says the expert on posts from her Instagram account @psicologa.maybelldelc

    Aizprúa adds that it is jealousy and controlThey are not even an act of love.

    When there is emotional dependence You can be in an exhausting relationship, instead of respectful conversation there is yelling and threats.

    The person will feel that their partner does not don’t leave a momentHe wants to know everything they do.

    Also, a person You don’t feel good if you are not with your partner. This is a serious problem.

    There is no communication to solve the problems that arise in the couple.

    Source: Panama America

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