Problems for the MCU? That’s why fans are worried about “Deadpool 3” and an upcoming action spectacle

There’s a strike in Hollywood. The screenwriters have already laid down their work and are fighting for fairer payments and rules for dealing with artificial intelligence. Strikes by the actors’ and directors’ unions could also follow in the summer. With every film project, the current question is how to deal with it. Marvel and Disney have now found different answers for “Deadpool 3” and “Thunderbolts”.

“Deadpool 3”: Can Ryan Reynolds stop improvising?

Filming on Deadpool 3 has begun despite the current strike. This is risky because authors are not allowed to get their hands on the script when scenes need to be updated. In this case, however, it can be particularly spicy. Because Ryan Reynolds is not only the lead actor and producer, but also the screenwriter of “Deadpool 3”. And reports now that maybe that’s why Reynolds isn’t allowed to improvise dialogue on set. Because then he might work as an author.

A “Deadpool” movie without Reynolds improvisation is hard to imagine. After all, the comedy action guys have lived so far from the fact that Ryan Reynolds continues to chat freely about whatever comes to mind and sometimes ignores the script.

Concerned fans online are already being reminded of a movie that was made the last time a major strike rocked Hollywood. Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman, who again embodies Wolverine in Deadpool 3, already played together in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. The end result is disapproved by many, probably also suffered by the strike. After all, there were no problems with Reynolds’ improvisations at the time. As is well known, someone has made the absurd decision to sew up the mouth of the brutal mercenary of all men.

Pause at “Thunderbolts” – no action with support from “John Wick 4” for now.

“Thunderbolts”, on the other hand, will not be filmed for the time being. As before with “Blade” and the planned series “Wonder Man” was here according to the decided not to start filming as planned for the time being. “Thunderbolts” is a highly anticipated MCU movie because it not only brings together countless stars and their characters, such as Florence Pugh (Yelena Belova), Sebastian Stan (Winter Soldier), David Harbor (Red Guardian) or Wyatt Russell (US Agent), but promises really, really good action.

Than Heidi Moneymaker, one of the top stuntwomen and now the action coordinator in Hollywood, is responsible for the fights and their choreographies. The old Black Widow doppelganger recently made the action in James Gunn’s Guardians Of The Galaxy 3 (featuring an impressive CGI one-off battle). After that, she was not only entrusted with “Thunderbolts”, but also received support from Germany. The Reel Deal Action Design team is also on board. Anyone familiar with the stunt scene knows what the group can do. This one was recently seen in theaters in “John Wick 4”, where Reel Deal co-founder Cha-Lee Yoon even starred as a double for Donnie Yen.

Will appointments be postponed again?

Actually, for now, it’s a good sign that Thunderbolts is on hiatus and there’s no rush to start filming during the strike. But fans are still concerned. Of course, delays can mean that some of this very talented behind-the-camera crew is no longer available. In addition it could shake up the MCU calendar again if there was a longer strike and projects were delayed.

It remains to be seen, and most MCU fans will have to cross their fingers that Marvel has put a lot of thought into why one production is now starting filming while the other is still on hiatus. lightning boltsis scheduled to hit theaters on July 24, 2024for which the recordings should start soon. dead pool 3is now scheduled for November 6, 2024.

Author: Bjorn Becher

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