Cristian Castro: Will he become a father soon?

Cristian Castro: Will he become a father soon?

There are rumors that musician Cristian Castro will become a father again.

In Argentina, the country where the musician currently resides, it began to circulate that he will soon become a father, and they also discovered some information related to that topic.

Journalist Guillermo Barrios was tasked with providing some details about Castro’s alleged son ua interview for “First Hand”.

Barrios assured that the alleged son would be born in April 2024, which may not be entirely true since the mother was a few months old. pregnancy.

Although the communicator had no evidence to support his affirmationshe reiterated that the information comes from completely credible sources.

The baby’s mother, Maite Barra, from Rosario, Argentina, had been in an on-off romantic relationship with Castro for some time.

If confirmed paternity This would be the musician’s fourth child, as he has three more with two different women, Simones, Mikhaila and Rafaela.

The first two children were the result of his marriage to an Argentinian lawyer Valeria Libermanthe first was born in 2005, and two years later the second arrived.

Rafaela, 8 years old, is the product of a relationship started by a musician Paola Erazoin 2011

Castro, for his part, neither denied nor confirmed it guesswork about alleged paternity.

Source: Panama America



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