Panama U-23 think a lot of Maurice Revell

Panama U-23 think a lot of Maurice Revell

A team of Panama U-23 clean up the details, don’t let your guard down, face it Ivory Coasttomorrow in his tournament debut Maurice Revello (Toulon Hope) and where the national line-up has some recurring figures in the tournament.

Under responsibility Jorge Dely Valdes, The Panama national team trained on the field for the third day Achille Ricard, from the town of Miramas, near the town of Istres, where the national team is based.

The one who remembers the moments from the first representation of Panama in this tournament on French soil is the goalkeeper Emerson Dimas, who is living his second experience in a knight’s duel.

“We are getting a second chance at this tournament. The group is very united and everyone is committed to themselves, to the team, to being champions, which is the most important thing,” said Dimas.

He is also a goalkeeper Beloved squarer, he remembered what his first appearance at Maurice Revell was like and what that first game was like last year against France, where he managed to be the star after two saved penalties.

“It was a very nice experience. Thank God I saved two penalties in that game. We won two important points and took the victory to France,” he recalled.Emerson Dimas.

It must be remembered that Panama drew 0-0 against the European team in regular time and took 2 points from penalties.

Now, Smokes, welcomes this tournament with enthusiasm and desire, like his teammates, to improve his participation from last year. I left with a thorn so that I could do something more in the group, goalkeeper Dimas added.

Whoever makes it to the French tournament is a rookie in these fights Moses Veliz, “My expectations are the same as the expectations of the whole group. The desire is to reach the final and be able to win it,” agreed Dimas, also a Tauro FC player.

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