“How can you hate yourself so much? Lose weight! “: Laysan Utyasheva said how Irina Viner helped her lose weight 05/25/2023, 12:55

“How can you hate yourself so much?  Lose weight!  “: Laysan Utyasheva said how Irina Viner helped her lose weight 05/25/2023, 12:55

“How can you hate yourself so much?  Lose weight!

The 2002 World Cup winner had hoped to perform before the Beijing Olympics, but in April 2006 she dislocated her knee in training and was put in a cast. After that, Utyasheva decided to leave the sport. The star was eating the stress. She came to her senses when the weight reached unbelievable numbers for her.

“I brought myself to see in the mirror not a twenty-year-old girl, but a tired, swollen woman of an incomprehensible age. When things are hard for us, we hope for a miracle to save us,” said Laysan.

The case helped the athlete to get out of this condition. The former coach of gymnasts Irina Viner invited her to the reception, where she was supposed to appear in an evening dress. “I admitted that no one knows me, because the “two Laysans” will come in the evening. Irina Alexandrovna asked to send a photo and was horrified: “How can you hate yourself so much! Now write on paper what you are punishing yourself for, and then you will lose weight!” Utyasheva told sports psychologist Victoria Borzenkova.

Irina Viner helped Laysan Utyasheva lose weight


The sharp words of the mentor made an impression on her former charge. She began actively working on the character. The TV presenter still trains regularly, but she considers nutrition to be the main thing. Laysan follows the rules of Finnish-Swedish nutritionist Are Waerland. She starts the day with vegetable or chicken soup, eats a main course with salad for lunch and ignores or eats porridge for dinner.

Pavel Volya’s wife admitted that her mother-in-law now motivates her. “Pasha’s mother is my pride and example. At the age of seventy, she lost 10 kg, put on a beautiful skirt, painted her lips and told Pasha’s father: “You are more careful with such a woman!” That’s what happens to a woman when she likes herself. She also says: “I can’t lose any more weight, my face will be very saggy, I will have to spend money on threads and all this nonsense,” the star of the TNT channel told Psychologies magazine in an interview.

Pavel Volya and Laysan Utyasheva in Dubai

Utyasheva got rid of scales so as not to depend on the numbers they show. Now, when she checks into a hotel, she immediately asks for the scale to be removed from the room so she won’t be tempted to find out how many grams her weight has changed.

Recently, Laysan and her husband returned from the Emirates. For the first time, this couple led a project together. According to Utyashev, they made a “show saturated with love.”

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