On average, the Dutch in these communities own the most cars

On average, the Dutch in these communities own the most cars

On average, the Dutch in these communities own the most cars

The number of cars in the Netherlands is growing. But not everyone has the same number of cars on their doorstep. On average, the Dutch in these communities own the most cars.

At the beginning of this year, there were no less than 9.1 million passenger cars in our country. That is around 7.4 percent more than five years ago. The majority of them (87.6 percent) belong to private individuals, the rest are registered with companies. According to Statistics Netherlands, more than three quarters drive on gasoline and 13.8 percent have an electric or hybrid drive.

Communities with the most cars per household

But the statistics office can tell us even more facts. Last month, CBS conducted a study of car ownership per household in each community based on numbers as of January 1, 2023. The result was a list of the number of cars per household in different communities. The median (the middle number) is 1.1. This means that in half of the communities households have more cars on average and in the other half fewer.

The municipalities with the most cars per household on average are: Dalfsen, Staphorst, Tubbergen, Buren, Rozendaal, Bergen, De Wolden and Alphen-Chaam. There are an average of 1.4 cars parked on household doorsteps. These are often richer communities or rural regions where the car is a necessary means of transport.

Amsterdam has the fewest cars per household

The municipality in which households own the fewest cars on average is – how could it be otherwise – Amsterdam. An average Amsterdam household only owns 0.4 cars. Maybe that’s exactly the same as a Birò. Closely followed by our capital are the municipalities of Delft and Leiden, both of which achieve a value of 0.5.

In Amsterdam it is therefore extremely unattractive to have a car on the driveway, i.e. the sidewalk. For example, everywhere in the city the speed limit has been drastically reduced and parking is excessively expensive. This parking space costs even more than a house!

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