Charles Brown, the second African American to head the US armed forces.

Charles Brown, the second African American to head the US armed forces.


The Senate must confirm this veteran fighter pilot and Indo-Pacific expert. Biden calls for nomination to receive “overwhelming bipartisan support”

He Gene. Charles Q. Brown, a veteran fighter pilot with experience in the Middle East and Indo-Pacific, he was chosen by President Joe Biden to lead the United States Armed Forces.

If it is confirmed by the Senate, it will be another black person that three decades after the deceased he would reach the position of chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff Colin Powell – he was appointed in October 1989 by then President George HW Bush – and together with the Minister of Defense, Lloyd Austin, it would be the first time that the leadership of the Pentagon is led by two African Americans.

“General Brown he is a warrior they come from a proud lineage of warriors. His father, Army Colonel CQ Brown, served in Vietnam. His grandfather, Master Sergeant Robert Brown Jr., led a unit in World War II,” Biden said in announcing the replacement for Mark Milley. “He is a fearless leader and an unwavering patriot,” he added.

He explained that, in the current context, Washington must “retain strength combat credible, capable of deterring or defeating any potential threat,” which is why he urged the Senate to confirm the appointment of s “overwhelming bipartisan support”.

He did not shut up in front of Trump in the case of Floyd

The career of the 61-year-old Brown is a full turning point for his race, since in 2020 he became the first African-American in history to command one of the branches of the country’s military, as the Chief of Staff of the Air Force, which is still the case, reports Efe.

known as QCBrown is not known for his speaking skillsunlike General Mark Milley, but he was very vocal when it needed to be done.

During the racial protests after the killing of an African-American man George Floyd In May 2020, then-President Donald Trump threatened to refer to the Uprising Law send troops to quell the riots and Brown posted a 5-minute video with an unusual gesture of a tall military man.

“I think about how much emotion fills me not only for George Floyd, but also for the many African-Americans who have suffered the same fate as George Floyd,” the general said in the video.

Immediately afterward, he spoke of the U.S. as the “land of freedom” and “equality”: “I mean the history of racial problems and in my own experiences that have not always been about freedom and equality,” Brown lamented, in the unique gesture of a Trump-promoted general.

veteran pilot

According to his biography posted on the Air Force website, Brown graduated from Texas Tech University’s special military training program in 1984 and later served in various positions, including F-16 flight instructor, field assistant to the commander of the U.S. Air Force, or deputy commander of the Central Command (Centcom).

Know well indo pacific, where the US is trying to form an alliance with its allies in the face of threats from China, as he was the commander of the Pacific Air Forces and the head of the air component of the Indo-Pacific Command.

This F-16 pilot accumulates more than 3000 flight hoursbetween them 130 fight.

He was promoted to the rank of general in 2009 and held senior posts in the Middle East starting in 2015, before arriving as commander of the Pacific Air Forces in 2018. In 2020, Trump nominated him for Air Force Chief of Staff and was confirmed by the Senate by a vote of 98 to 0.

challenges ahead

If approved as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Brown will join Austin in advising Biden on national security issues ranging from from the war in Ukraine to the challenge posed by China.

A senior administration official told the newspaper The Washington Post that Brown has “deep” knowledge of the challenges Beijing brings to the table and is aware of “NATO’s capabilities and outlook.”

Speaking to ABC, former congresswoman and Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson, who previously served with the general, explained that Brown’s experience in the Indo-Pacific makes him good candidate for the position at this time.

“There is no more important or potential adversary than China,” Wilson said, noting that Brown is backed not only by his experience, but also by his understanding of the region and the work he has done to build alliances in the Indo-Pacific.

In this sense, Wilson described Brown as someone who was good at building relationships with allies and gaining their trust: – He is a man you can trust.

As a member of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, he was involved in the Pentagon’s efforts in to arm, train and advise the Ukrainian army.

According to washington post, Brown repeatedly warned of the need for acceleration modernization of the country’s armed forces in order not to lose their supremacy. He advocated the replacement of older aircraft with more advanced ones, and in the Air Force he sought to improve the working conditions of people with an emphasis on racial justice.

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