“Animals, not people”: Trump intensifies incitement against migrants and Biden

“Animals, not people”: Trump intensifies incitement against migrants and Biden

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Donald Trump is ramping up his rhetoric.

During a campaign appearance in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Donald Trump (77) on Tuesday accused Democratic President Joe Biden (81) of causing a “carnage” with his border policies.

Trump claimed that due to Biden’s lax migration policies, America was facing an “invasion” of criminals from other countries coming out of prisons and “lunatic asylums” and attacking and killing innocent people in the US. “These aren’t people, they’re animals,” Trump said.

“Destruction of our cities”

Under Biden, every US state is a border state and every US city a border city, the likely challenger to the incumbent president in the presidential elections in early November said. “Because Joe Biden brought the carnage, chaos and killings from all over the world to us and dumped it in our backyards.”

Trump continued: “We will stop the looting, the rape, the slaughter and the destruction of our American suburbs, cities and communities.” If re-elected, he would close the border on his first day in office. “And we will begin the largest deportation operation in the history of our country,” the Republican said. At the same time, he warned that the country would “cease to exist” if he was not re-elected president.


Trump regularly uses radical rhetoric, uses hateful and dehumanizing language, makes racist statements and targets minorities. Recently, in another context, he caused a stir with the term “massacre,” which he placed front and center in his speech in Michigan and displayed in large letters on his standing desk.

At a campaign event in Ohio in mid-March, the ex-president talked about how he wanted to make it harder to sell Chinese cars in the US market. He added: “If I am not elected there will be a massacre. (…) It will be a bloodbath for the country.” That made big waves.


Trump’s campaign team weighed in, trying to argue that the 77-year-old had only been talking about the US auto industry and that the “carnage” quote had been taken out of context. In Grand Rapids, Trump addressed the controversy, saying there was an attempt to misattribute the term to him. What Biden is causing is actually a “massacre.” (SDA)

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