Prodapt will invest 7 million dollars in operations in Panama

Prodapt will invest 7 million dollars in operations in Panama

Prodapt, a leading connectivity company, will expand its operations in Panama with an investment of $7 million, taking advantage of the exclusive relocation benefits offered by the country.

This investment will result in the creation of approx 500 specialized jobs in areas such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence and technical support.

The India-based company is the first technology consulting and services company to start operations in Panama, thanks to the country’s talent and business environment.

Over the past two years, they have achieved significant growth, investing approximately $5 million in the growth of the center and its staff.

What started with a team of six has grown to 200 technology and domain experts. This team provides critical delivery and technical support for Prodapt’s strategic customers, including some of the largest communications services companies in America.

The team is expected to reach 300 professionals this year.

India’s ambassador to Panama, Upender Singh Rawat, expressed satisfaction with Prodapt’s growth in the country and praised its success as the first information technology company to start operations in Panama since 2020.

Prodapt’s operations in Panama enhance service to clients in the Americas by combining offshore strengths with unique capabilities that only an offshore center can offer, such as multilingualism and compatibility with different time zones.

In addition, the center is set to become the focal point for the entire business in Latin America, which represents 15% of Prodapt’s annual revenues.

As part of its expansion, Prodapt has also focused on social responsibility projects, such as contributions to underprivileged children.

So far, as part of the holiday celebration, they have distributed gifts to 88 children in local communities, and provided medical packages and funds to new mothers in hospitals.

Source: Panama America



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