New Dacia Duster 2024 launch: Will the budget SUV remain cheap?

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For a year now, every new Dacia model has come with a new logo and new letters, including the crossover SUV Duster.
Joaquim Oliveira

A new logo and new letters have been added to every new Dacia model for a year. In the future, models from the Renault subsidiary should not be purchased solely because of their competitive prices. “We equip our models with things that are necessary and sensible for customers and also fit their budget expectations,” explains Swiss Dacia boss Claudia Meyer (54). The newly introduced Duster crossover is expected to spur these plans in 2024.

With approximately 2.2 million units produced, the five-seater Dacia Duster has been the best-selling SUV in the European private market in all segments for five years. A new Duster rolls off the assembly line almost every minute; 1000 units are produced every day. This should not change in the third generation.

More modern and striking

Design elements of the current model are also present in the third Duster generation: a striking, emphatically vertical front end, wide wheel arches, a wide boot lid and large side windows, paired with protective plastic cladding connecting the wheel arches and bumpers. It also includes new LED headlights and the brand logo that was revised two years ago.

Interior surfaces remain as solid as ever, with solid workmanship. The central 10.1-inch screen is slightly tilted, focusing more on the driver. Higher trim versions feature a seven-inch digital display for the instruments; Basic versions still show tempo and co-analog. Entry-level versions are based on a “bring your own device” strategy; instead of the touchscreen in the middle, there is only a holder for the smartphone.

Duster also comes as a hybrid

The crossover’s driving range is also being modernized: the Duster is based on the CMF-B platform, first used in the current Sandero and later in the new Jogger, helping the Duster achieve hybridization. Dacia Duster Hybrid 140 has a 1.6-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine with 94 hp (69 kW). With an additional 47 HP electric motor (35 kW) and 48 V starter generator, this provides a system output of 140 HP. Even the small battery capacity of 1.2 kilowatt-hours (kWh) will be enough for up to 80 percent all-electric driving in the city.

The mild hybrid model Duster TCe 130 has a 1.2-litre three-cylinder turbo petrol engine with a 48-volt starter generator that charges the 0.9 kWh battery via regeneration during braking. This drive is offered on all front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive versions, along with a manual six-speed transmission. All-wheel drive versions are equipped with a new, significantly more effective drive program control called Terrain Control: Passengers are informed about the lateral and longitudinal slope as well as power distribution between the front and rear axles on the central display.

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Little space miracle

The Duster’s length and width remain almost the same as its predecessor at 4.34 and 1.80 metres; only the wheelbase has shrunk by 1.5 centimeters. The interior has been optimized by using slimmer seats and door panels and lowering the rear seats, allowing five passengers to travel in comfort. Although headroom in the rear has become smaller due to the roof being five centimeters lower, there is now more room for legs and shoulders. The boot offers 472 liters of space, an increase of 27 liters compared to the second generation.

For more adventurous customers, there is the runner-known sleeping suite with a 1.90 m x 1.30 m foldable bed, which can also be used as a table or storage area. Up to 80 kilograms of equipment can be carried on the roof rack for outdoor activities. It’s still unclear how much the compact crossover will cost. The current Dacia Duster costs 24,990 francs. Duster will definitely be more expensive, but it will remain the cheapest model in the segment. Blick suggests a base price of around 28,000 francs.

Source: Blick



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