New Zealand wants to ban mobile phones in schools

New Zealand’s Conservative Prime Minister Christopher Luxon says he wants to ban mobile phones in schools across the country. That will stop disruptive behavior and help students focus, Luxon said.

“We will ban mobile phones in schools across New Zealand. We want our children to learn and we want our teachers to teach,” the Prime Minister said. New Zealand schools once boasted that they were among the best in the world for reading skills. But reading and writing skills have deteriorated so much that some scientists fear a school crisis.

Luxon previously said he would ban cellphones in schools during his first 100 days as president. Such measures have been tried in the US, France and Britain – with mixed results.

The prime minister’s conservative government, which was sworn in on Monday, has already caused controversy in its first week in power. Luxon overturned strict anti-smoking laws praised by doctors on his first day in office. (sda/afp)

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