Nadal puts an end to his career

Nadal puts an end to his career

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The Spanish tennis player will not play in the coming months and feels that 2024 will be his last year: “I don’t deserve to end like this”

Rafael Nadal will not be at Roland Garros, nor in tournaments after Paris. The Spaniard puts an end to his sports career and marks 2024 as his final year on tour. “The injury I suffered in Australia did not develop as we would have liked. We worked non-stop, always with the following goals in mind. And the last, most important one, which is Roland Garros, is becoming impossible, so that after many years I won’t be able to go through without missing an appointment, with everything that entails and how difficult it is for me. It’s not a decision I make, it’s made by my body,” explained the man from Manacor at a press conference organized this Thursday at his academy.

“I have no intention of playing in the next months. The last few years have been difficult, the results when I played were first class, but my day-to-day life was at a very low level. The reality is that victories, good moments, always remain abroad, but on a personal level, from everyday work, the past years, after the pandemic, were difficult. It was difficult for me to have continuity, first of all because of my physical structure, I had one injury after another. Those were difficult years, but the great results hide it,” added the Spaniard.

Nadal did not set a return date, but pointed to Davis Cup which will be played in November Malaga as a possible return to the circle. “I don’t think I deserve to end up like this, I worked hard to make my end different and I will work hard for it. I would like to face the next year with the assurance that I will be able to do what I set my mind to, and I think it will be my last year. This would be my goal to quit so I could wait until my senior year to face her with guarantees.

With this absence, Nadal will lose practically all the points he has in the ATP rankings, but he will not lack invitations to all the tournaments he needs, in addition to being able to qualify for the protected ranking and enter the events as a top ten.

“I’m fine, but sad. I missed an important season. On a tennis level, I felt ready to fight for important things, but on a physical level, not so. You have to accept things. If I can get in with a protected ranking, don’t uninvite anyone, fine. If they have to give me invitations, I think I deserve it,” said Nadal, who is positive about competing next year.

“I hope I’m not a corpse” “I don’t know. It will be difficult, after the big break since January. I’m not an irrational person and I’m aware of the difficulties, but why not? I’m not a negative person. I will make sure that my last year is not a dud, I will try to be at the highest level”.

The Spaniard explained that he does not plan to continue training and that the months are a great frustration and that he should put an end to all this and wait for the body to regenerate itself. “I have to stop because if I don’t I don’t think I will be able to until next year. It will be good for us to end the relationship, because everyone who is with me sees that I am suffering, make an effort”.

Nadal has not played since the second round of the tournament australian open January, when he suffered an injury to the iliopsoas of his left leg. it has since been lost Doha, Dubai, Indian Wells, Miami, Monte Carlo, Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Rome. Nor will it be inside Roland Garroswhere he will put 2,000 points out of the 2,445 points he has in the box and will drop above 130th in the world after the tournament in Paris.

“One stage ends next year, with which we are very satisfied. A stage that we would never have imagined. The second phase will begin, which does not have to be less happy. I have plans for the next few months, things I haven’t done in twenty years. Then, let this last final fireworks be worth it, and leave everything to us to make this last year special,” said Nadal.

Source: La Vozde Galicia



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