America’s Cup in Saudi Arabia: Alinghi Red Bull winless on sailing debut on the Red Sea

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Sailing for the skyscrapers of Jeddah: the Alinghi Red Bull Racing boat races across the Red Sea.
Mattias DubachSports reporter

The starting point for the last of three days of competition was clear: Alinghi Red Bull Racing absolutely needs victories on the Red Sea near the Saudi city of Jeddah to reach the grand final of the two best boats in the second preliminary round. of the 2024 America’s Cup.

The first two days saw a rather mixed performance by the Genevans. Groomer Yves Detrey spoke clearly on Friday: “There are no excuses, we just have to win races.”

But then the start of the last day turns into a flop again. Alinghi Red Bull does not get up to speed at all in the first race on Saturday, remains in sixth and last place from the start and stays there.

Now the preliminary banter with the baby boats is over

The dream of playing in the final of the not entirely undisputed first guest match of the America’s Cup in Saudi Arabia has disappeared. The syndicate rehabilitated itself at least to some extent in the second race. Alinghi makes an excellent start to the last race and is in the lead. But then a maneuver does not go as desired and the pace is lost. The New Zealanders pass and win. Alinghi Red Bull remains in second place.

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Team New Zealand won the top two team final against the Italians from Luna Rossa and Alinghi Red Bull Racing finished third in the final table.

The preliminary skirmishes in the America’s Cup now conclude with the event in Saudi Arabia. The two preliminary regattas – the first took place in the autumn in Spain, where the America’s Cup will also take place near Barcelona in September/October 2024 – were held with the small AC40 boats.


The new cup boat is not ready yet

These are training boats that, just like the large cup sail monsters called AC75, emerge from the water with sufficient speed on so-called foils. But compared to the AC75, the AC40 are baby boats.

The baby phase with the standard boats is now over. The next time the six teams take to the water, they will do so with the large, self-designed boats. The competition boat Alinghi Red Bull is currently being built in great secrecy on Lake Geneva in Ecublens VD and will be brought to Barcelona in the coming months, where training will continue for months. Until it’s all about the sausage in the fall.

Swiss flag in Barcelona: The new Alinghi base on the Mediterranean is so beautiful(02:47)
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