Nine F1 drivers disappeared: the future starts in 2026

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These new ones have probably disappeared: the formula drivers at the last GP 2023 in Abu Dhabi. Top from left: Sargeant, Albon, Hülkenberg, Magnussen, Ricciardo, Tsunoda, Zhou, Bottas. Below from left: Stroll, Alonso, Leclerc, Sainz, Pérez, Verstappen, Hamilton, Russell, Norris, Piastri, Ocon, Gasly.
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Formula 1 starts its longest season in just 80 days on February 21, 2024 with the first day of testing in Bahrain. With 24 races, it will once again push the mechanics to the limits of their endurance. Many marriages and relationships of mechanics and silent helpers have already broken down because of this.

No courage among the teams

So business continues without a change of director. Some teams lacked the courage to look to the future now. Because this starts in 2026, when everything in the GP circus is new again. This has consequences for the engine, regulations and technology. And by then, some current pilots will be gone. SonntagsBlick identified nine drivers who, when they enter the future, probably only remember the past. Such as Hamilton, Alonso, Pérez, Ricciardo and certainly Sargeant. Of the bottom two (Haas and Sauber), Hülkenberg, Magnussen, Bottas and Zhou will hardly be there anymore. Our box shows how highly they are rated abroad with the 2023 figures. And in England and Italy it is no different.

Even the worst can stay

The fact that Logan Sargeant (23) survives mainly shows the nonsense or lack of money. The American is also statistically the worst pilot: only one World Cup point, 0:22 in the qualifying match against Albon.

Clean is required

At Sauber, where they also said goodbye to race strategist Ruth Buscombe after technical director Monchaux, the most sensitive construction site (drivers) is once again left alone. In exchange for 2023, Bottas adds a motivation boost for employees and their suffering relatives: “Luckily we are not the last!” Off the slopes, head of technology Key, CEO Seidl, team representative Alunni Bravi and sports director Zehnder are now called upon. Hopefully in 2024 we will finally hear a voice that has weight in the paddock again. And it is taken seriously. Also in the case of Audi. Blah blah was yesterday.

The names of the future

And about the future of Formula 1? F2 champion Pourchaire (developed over four years by Sauber) will appear in a series somewhere, but will remain a reserve driver. Danish number two Vesti no longer wants to participate in kindergarten despite a 6-1 victory against the French. Here we come to 2026. Remember these names and their academies: Antonelli (Mercedes), Bearman (Ferrari), Martins, Doohan (Alpine), Lawson, Hadjar (Red Bull, Alpha Tauri), O’Ward (McLaren), Fittipaldi ( Haas), Drugovich (Aston Martin).

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