Candidacy submitted to UNESCO: Switzerland wants to pave its way to cultural heritage

Candidacy submitted to UNESCO: Switzerland wants to pave its way to cultural heritage

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Great sounds in yodelling country: Switzerland makes yodelling eligible for nomination to the UNESCO Cultural Heritage List.
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In the Alps, yodelling has always been considered a good form: for example, it was used to drive the cows out of the meadow or to sing to the neighboring mountain farmer to make contact. Switzerland now wants to enjoy its good reputation with UNESCO. That is why the Federal Office for Culture (BAK) is putting Jodel in the race for the representative list of intangible cultural heritage.

Yodelling still enjoys uninterrupted popularity, the BAK writes in the announcement announcing the candidacy. Yet it takes dedication to keep singing. As part of the candidacy, actions were planned to better network the Swiss yodelling scene and to develop new training and further education offers.

Zäuerli on the radio, yodelling in schools

This should be music to the ears of the Federal Yodelling Association (EJV). It is now impossible to play a Zäuerli, a Ländler or a beautiful march on Radio SRF 1 in one morning, the association writes in a statement. And hopes that UNESCO’s candidacy and the associated financing measures will help.

More about yodelling
Here ChatGPT explains yodelling – in Swiss German!
New AI feature
Here ChatGPT explains yodelling – in Swiss German!
The yodelling festival is underway
Beer, sausage and yodelling
The yodelling festival is underway
This is the youngest yodeler at the yodel festival

Joderlin Leandra Sutter
She performed for the first time at the age of four

The EJV also advocates more yodelling in schools. All students should be introduced to yodelling in the first six years of school. Folk music should be included in teacher training accordingly.

‘Echo vom Ovary’ shakes up the yodelling scene

Young talent for yodelling has even recently received a doctorate from the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences: Last January, Dayana Pfammatter completed her first master’s degree with a major in yodelling.

The yodelling scene is also being shaken up from Nidwalden: the ‘Echo vom Ovarian’ is the first feminist yodelling choir in Switzerland and is suffering from sexist yodelling verses.


That’s why they set a completely new tone: on Women’s Day on March 8, the yodelers were allowed to perform in the National Council – in the Great Chamber they then sang about “sex witches”.

Research by the end of 2025

A lot is happening at the moment in Switzerland, the country of yodelling. The BAK also writes that yodelling is “a very lively practice”. It will probably be considered at the end of 2025 whether the yodel will be added to the UNESCO list.

The art of singing should then be given a place next to the Vevey wine festival, the Basel carnival and the Alpine season.




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