Hundreds protest in Bern: Easter march against rearmament

Hundreds protest in Bern: Easter march against rearmament

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Under the motto ‘Demilitarization instead of rearmament’, several hundred people will demonstrate on Monday during the traditional Easter march for a more peaceful world.

About 500 people demonstrated for peace in Bern on Easter Monday. “Demilitarization instead of rearmament” was the motto of this year’s Easter march.

“There are no wars and conflicts because there has been too little armament, but too much,” the organizers said. Switzerland should invest in combating security risks such as gender-based violence, racism, poverty, climate change and pandemics instead of the military.

Ban on nuclear weapons

Switzerland must finally sign and ratify the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. The Federal Council is reluctant to do this. Our country must also work to demilitarize its borders and ensure better protection of refugees.

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“That surprises me”
Green sympathies for NATO
“That surprises me”

According to the organizers, Switzerland should also commit to strengthening and democratizing international legal institutions such as the UN. That makes more sense than investing in military alliances such as NATO.

Being for peace is courageous

The peace movement is criticized as naive, said Marionna Schlatter (43), Green Councilor of Zurich, at the meeting in the Eichholz BE region. But the question arises whether those who talk only about rearmament instead of the causes of war are naive. Anyone who works for peace is not naive, but courageous.

Rainbow flags dominated the scene of the procession, which led from Eichholz along the Aare to Bern’s old town, a correspondent from the Keystone-SDA news agency reported. About 70 people also joined the crowd demanding freedom for Abdullah Öcalan, 75, the founder of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).


The destination was Münsterplatz

Nearly forty organizations, mainly from left-wing and church circles, called for the Easter March. This year the destination of the parade was again the Münsterplatz in Bern, where the participants in the last rally braved the rainy, cold weather.

Easter marches have been held in Switzerland since the 1960s. In Bern, the tradition fell asleep towards the end of the Cold War, but was revived in 2003 after the US invasion of Iraq. (SDA)




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