Squeeze the juice from the orange

Squeeze the juice from the orange

A year ago, in this same column of opinion pieces, I addressed a subject I confess to being passionate about. Since it was the first time I had heard of the term “orange economy”, it caught my attention. And it is a truly inclusive space, because every human being, in one way or another, has creative ability. The difference is that there are those who develop it more than others. The sad thing is that their poor development is often linked to a lack of opportunities. Although it is true that will also plays an important role in whether or not each individual evolves the concept of innovation.

It is known as the orange economy, since this color is associated with creativity and culture. The famous Frank Sinatra mentioned an orange, as “the happiest color”. The expression was adopted by two in the context in question consultants of the Inter-American Development Bank. One of them later became the president of Colombia. Iván Duque rightly used his mandate to implement economic policy around the creative industries. The initiative had a positive impact on the South American country’s GDP. It quickly gained an important place in the content creation sphere, attracting the attention of multinational platforms such as Netflix. Colombian legislation was enough to make it a reality.

At the time when my cooperation was requested in writing the first drafts of the government plan for what is now the electoral platform consisting of the parties Alianza and Realando Metas, I had the opportunity to choose topics of my personal and professional interest. In addition, I believed that everything I could collaborate with should be meaningful in the process of saving the quality of life of my countrymen. For my work, making a proposal about the development of the orange economy in Panama, I asked for the support of two national talents, both closely related to art and culture. I thank Maruj Herrera and Luis Pacheco for the effort and time they dedicated to this. I am proud to be included in the UN document PANAMA RE-CHANGE PROJECT, under the title ECONOMY“activation Orange economy for the development of cultural goods and services”. I am glad that candidate Mulino referred to the programs to encourage entrepreneurship among young people, because this is how we reward creative talent.

The greatest resource of every man is his creative potential. While it is true that capital and structure are equally important for taking initiative, every idea that gives birth to a new concept is its driving force. It’s good that José Raúl recognizes that and that includes his possible presidential administration’s support for the business talent of young Panamanians. I just referred to the lack of possibilities at the beginning of this text.

I lived for several years on the African continent and I saw it here as well. A potential future talent can watch his dreams crumble before his eyes. All because of the lack of necessary resources to start the idea. If I had the minimum I hesitate to give my vote to José Raúl Mulino, it would be enough to hear him talk about his proposal to support the community of entrepreneurs. He used the opportunity and participated in the presidential debates, dissociating himself from attacks and subterfuge. Instead, he presented the proposals during a meeting he held with a large number of young people.

Our geographical location gives us a great advantage over others countries like Colombia. National creative talent there is a. It is enough to provide her with the tools to turn Panama into an international center for the production of content in the service of the world community. This will directly affect another branch in which we should already be through the roof, tourism. Innovation technology is another activity connected, and countries like Uruguay They have already taken advantage of this because they are one of the main software designers and manufacturers in the region. Prevlaka is positioned as a multimodal transportation center and could compete aggressively with others in the distribution of products and services derived from the creativity of Panamanians. The orange economy is there to squeeze and consume its benefits. Let’s trust JRM, that we have a leader who will return us to the creative and entrepreneurial path of the 21st century.

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