Because we got to the junk funds and are heading towards the Vultures?

Because we got to the junk funds and are heading towards the Vultures?

Republic of Panama like no other country in the world, it was prepared for the crisis it caused Covid-19 pandemic; and after so many sacrifices that we have made as a nation, it is not fair to even think about the dimensions of the new crisis or its effects on citizens. Imagining government austerity measures and plans that involve cutting wages or creating new taxes would create chaos and weaken our imperfect liberal democracy.

During the COVID 19 in Panama, we could see a crack in the Panamanian state: while private sector employees fought to the death for their jobs, public sector workers held on tooth and nail to their privileges and, unfortunately, a high unemployment rate . by a private company. Who will pay the sacrifice if the state of Panama, because it did not save Disability, old age and death (IVM)?

The current Dubai in America It could be linked to crises in other European countries, with a monstrous state apparatus and its political elites who had a clientelistic mentality, plunged into debt and resorted to loans to cover most of the bureaucratic functioning. The state payroll in bankrupt European countries quadrupled in 2009, which is why most governments saw it not as a public service, but as a nebulous structure in which they could place cronies to win over voters.

It is said that if the program cannot be saved, IVM of the Social Insurance Fund We lost the investment grade and then the Panama scenario would be heartbreaking: small and medium-sized enterprises without customers, honest people going bankrupt. Only those who profit from the tender to supply state hospitals with pharmaceutical products and surgical medical equipment, those who live by renting offices and automobile infrastructure to the Panamanian state will survive; Partisan landowners who specialized in cost overruns in the construction of any state infrastructure with an emphasis on hospitals, polyclinics and health centers will survive. It is clear that the businessmen who constantly favor tenders and the clientelistic political elite did not care about saving IVM, because they know that if Panama goes into crisis again, they will also pay, and thus their political powers.

I hope that Panama will not have new martyrs due to the economic recession that the political decisions of the advisers on duty would lead us to. Let us hope, in this chronicle of announced social cataclysm, Panama offers no martyrs that they would have to pay higher income tax, additional taxes that will be added to the electricity and water bill because there would be no rescue, or the solidarity-sacrifice compensation that the government would impose on us for failing to save the Solidarity Institution in 2023. God willing, when we wanted to wake up and act so that the crisis of the third world war is not breathing down our necks.

Nobody wants to lend money to Panama with low interest rates, because the eternal members of parliament never called the director of the Fund to account for the oblivion to which he subjected the rescue of pension money in 2024. The current advisors are not part of the solution, but part of the eternal Panamanian problem because they are bidding on hospitals!

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