The existence of Cain in history

The existence of Cain in history

Nobility, loyalty and honesty are virtues that exalt all human relations. They are signs of a good heart. Vested interests, selfishness, envy and lies cause terrible problems in all human coexistence.

Betrayals in the world of politics, businessin guilds of any kind, in the family, in marriage are part of human existence. And not because God arranged it that way, but because of human weakness, because of the evil that man creates and the influence of darkness.

In the dynamic destruction that comes fromAt the bottom of hell, the resulting temptation touches the fiber of the human being which are distorted. We strive to seek and live in God; we confuse it and want to be God. Hence then the proud, the one who believes that he is God, does not accept that there is another God besides him. And if he is a famous painter, sculptor, poet, professor, and even a boxer or any famous athlete, he will do everything to overthrow, push aside, defeat the one who shines more than him. Cain continues to kill Abel throughout the story.

The classic expression, “stab in the back” refers to doing everything secretly and acting suddenly. And from behind, so that he doesn’t realize it until he receives a blow that knocks him down. Usual ambush, armed robbery,… sudden attackand, if possible, escape and leave no trace of the crime.

Bloody hands should be washed as soon as possible. Hypocrisy reigns in all traitors. A smile and a kind gesture, hiding the murderous dagger with which the crime was committed, are typical characteristics of the “Cain on duty”. They have always existed. They abound in all fields of human history. His patron is the “Father of Lies”, Satan.

They cheat, flatter, hide a criminal hand, seemingly respect, love, want to do good. But they just want to hurt, eliminate, make the object of their envy or hatred disappear. A traitor is a more powerful and deadly enemy than one who is honest and shows that he does not love you, and confronts you face to face and challenges you. He puts his cards on the table and you already know what he wants. Inside the bad feelings he has for you, he is honest, he is telling the truthExpress everything you feel against you.

Jesus experienced betrayal in Judah. Jesus he was not naive. He knew the bad Jude’s feelings How he changed. And what it could do. Nevertheless, he understood it, forgave him, and let’s hope that Judas repented at the last moment so that Jesus’ forgiveness would be effective.

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