F.C. St. Sponsor stress in Gallen: Will Kybunpark be named “Pumapark” soon?

F.C. St.  Sponsor stress in Gallen: Will Kybunpark be named “Pumapark” soon?

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St. Gallen’s home stadium has been called Kybunpark since 2016.
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It was originally an April Fool’s joke, now it soon became reality? Recently, there has been speculation on social media as to whether Kybunpark will change its name. F.C. St. Gallen 1897’s stadium will soon be called “Pumapark”. The assumptions go so far that the current name makes a statement. And it confirms: This speculation is nothing but a joke.

But from the very beginning: FC St. Gallen announced a new title sponsor for the then AFG Arena for the 2016/17 season. Thurgau shoe manufacturer Kybun gives the stadium its new name Kybunpark. Symbol of the football club’s anchorage in Eastern Switzerland. Kybun FCSG special shoe model was also introduced. This is still part of the club’s equipment today.

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A casual shoe to start with

It was the equipment that triggered the speculation. F.C. St. Gallen football players have been wearing training clothes from German sports equipment manufacturer Puma since last summer. A change that is fundamentally unimportant for the stadium sponsor. However, this is not the case if the contract partner suddenly launches a competing product.

Puma recently launched a casual shoe featuring the logo of the Eastern Swiss club. Needless to say, this caused unrest in Thurgau. «FC St. We appreciate Gallen’s strong development of the club in recent years. “However, we are surprised that our club has launched a competing shoe,” Karl Müller, co-chief executive of Kybun Joya Group, said in a statement.

It didn’t help that the football club didn’t notify the stadium sponsor in advance. It’s clear that the people in Kybun are not happy.

Puma does not show her hand

The sponsorship agreement for the naming rights of the stadium will continue until the end of June 2026. Kybun wants to fulfill all its obligations by that date. However, from now on, it opens up space for other sponsors. “In our view, the resulting internal competition with other FCSG sponsors does not correspond to partnership-based cooperation,” says Müller. This is not an April Fool’s joke.


The cougar is not extending its claws at this time. The sporting goods manufacturer does not want to comment on Blick’s request. It remains unclear at the moment whether Kybunpark will actually be called “Pumapark” in the future.

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