Trouble in November: Deutsche Bahn long-distance train is every second late

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Deutsche Bahn (DB) is more punctual in long-distance transport than it has been in eight years. Almost one in every two long-distance trains was delayed in November. (archive image)

In November, only 52 percent of ICE and IC trains reached their destinations on time, a DB spokesperson told “Bild am Sonntag”. The main reason for this is the “short-term construction activity”, which has increased significantly compared to last year.

About 75 percent of long-distance trains were slowed by at least one construction site. Due to the significant renovation backlog, DB had to significantly expand its construction volume this year. It was stated that another two billion euros were spent on the railway this year. From next year “many smaller construction measures will be included in compact corridor renovations”.

“Punctuality does not meet our own standards and does not meet the services our passengers rightfully expect from us,” the spokesman said.

A train that is less than six minutes late is considered to be on time. Canceled trains are not taken into account in statistics. It also does not show missed connections.

In October, only 58.6 percent of the group’s ICE and IC trains reached their stops without major delays. At the beginning of the year, the group set itself the goal of achieving over 70 percent punctuality in long-distance transportation. In the statement made at the beginning of November, it was said: “With a punctuality of around 66 percent in the first ten months, it is clear that the targeted punctuality of around 70 percent for 2023 can no longer be achieved.”

It has been known for years that Deutsche Bahn has problems with punctuality, especially in international comparison. Recently, the problem has gotten worse: The value dropped from 75.2 percent in 2021 to 65.2 percent last year.



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