What to wear to prom: 10 elegant maxi dresses that you will wear more than once Fashion

Proms are coming – how we envy you! Now is the perfect time for perfect outfits like never before: stylish dresses and shoes can be found in even the most basic mass market stores, and if you’ve already looked at specialist brands, then shopping will definitely be a breeze. However, we have already done the preparatory work for you!

In this collection, we will focus on maxi dresses that will look great with a thin stiletto or column heel. And you will at least look like a noble princess!

However, it is important to immediately take into account the fact that on girls of different heights, these models can sit the same way in different ways. For petite graduates, the maxi will be floor-length, and for tall women it will border on midi. The problem will be solved with a few adjustments, but here is the trick of life: a dress with cutouts on the hem or a multi-level skirt will accentuate the silhouette in any case.

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And yes, it’s not just 10 dresses, but models that you can definitely wear after graduation. Thanks to the sophisticated design and the noble classic palette, you will look elegant. This is exactly what you want to see when you review your graduation album after a while!

Ushatava dress

Ushatava dress, 39000 rubles.

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Mango dress

Mango dress, 12999 rub.

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Totti dress

Totti dress, 14980 rubles.

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Fashionable Rebel dress

Dress Fashion Rebels, 27900 rubles.

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Dress by Post Meridiem

Post Meridiem dress, 23500 rubles.

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May May Dress

“May May” dress, 35,000 rubles.

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Choux dress

Choux dress, 19980 rub.

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Republican dress

Love Republic dress, 2001 rub.

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Lichi dress

Lichi dress, 7999 rubles.

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