This Will Change Your Summer: Eva Longoria Found The Perfect Suit That Won’t Be Hot Fashion

What do you want most in summer? Not suffering from eternal heat and stuffiness, getting to work more or less comfortably and generally to any destination, looking stylish is a minimal program. At most, it would be nice to look luxurious like Eva Longoria. And that – you will be surprised – is not so difficult!

Our favorite “Desperate Housewife” shines as always in Cannes. And she doesn’t have to wear fashionable dresses with mile-long trains to get into all the gossip columns. This time, the off-duty actress stepped out in a satin set by the French-American brand The Frankie Shop in a luxurious pearl shade – it looks very expensive, especially against the background of tanned skin.


And this, I must say, is the perfect solution for hot summer: a loose pajama-style suit feels good on the body and looks impressive thanks to the beautiful shine of the material. So it is not necessary to look for satin or silk sets: satin or fabrics with high-quality viscose in the composition will not disappoint you either.

Yes, many experts put summer “pajamas” on the list of anti-trends, but this, let’s say, is a hasty decision. When styled right, these combos look pulled together, elegant and stylish!

You can completely repeat Eva’s trick to “tame” the satin outfit for summer: add sunglasses, a few strands of pendants and chains, metal bracelets and, most importantly, fashionable shoes to a loose shirt and trousers. The clearer the shape of the shoes and accessories, the better your look will look.

Longoria used the same trick for the outfit with a shiny shirt and skirt: she “balanced” the light textures with gold sandals, a metallic belt, similar sunglasses and jewelry. So the chip works! How about we give it a try?

Building kit Emka

Emka set, 17580 rubles.

to the shop

Studio 29 set

Set Studio 29, 14400 rub.

to the shop

You want a Bundle

You Wanna set, 14900 rubles.

to the shop

Lime set

Lime kit, 17998 rubles.

to the shop

Lichi costume

Lichi suit, 9998 rub.

to the shop

Source: The Voice Mag



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