Forget these clothes if your body type is “pear”: things that are terribly fat

A “pear” is also called an inverted triangle – a body type in which your shoulders and chest are narrower than your hips. There are pluses and minuses to such a character (as in any, really). The latter include, for example, the “heavy bottom” effect – the legs seem to be visually shortened. And if you are a petite girl, you definitely need to know the rules of “pear” styling, because it is very easy to make a mistake and reduce your height even more.

On the other hand, you have a priori feminine forms: sheath dresses and pencil skirts fit perfectly thanks to the rounded hips. So our task is clear: it is important to “unload” the bottom and emphasize the female silhouette. To do this, you can use the basic rules for shaping the body – we have collected them here.

Or you can use more targeted styling tricks specifically for a pear shape. Let’s take a look at them from blogger Rebecca Nanjego.

So “pears” should not be worn:


  • tops, cardigans, sweaters, and sweaters that cover your hips will make you look wider than you are. To emphasize the waist, it is better to tuck the top into trousers or a skirt, or choose a crop top;
  • tabernacle jeans, leggings, and other tight-fitting “bottoms”—making your legs look disproportionately skinny. To avoid distortion of the shape, choose straight trousers or palazzo;
  • low-cut pants and skirts. They will “slide” down and further stress the hips. It is better to choose a medium or high cut: in this way, the legs will be visually longer and the silhouette will be more proportional.

Next time, try such types of “bottom” – and you yourself will see how the reflection in the mirror becomes more toned and proportional. And it was worth fixing a few details!

Photo: Tamara Bellis

Source: The Voice Mag



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