Fashion These two habits reveal your provinciality: a scathing remark by Alexander Vasiliev

Fashion in Russia was shaped completely differently than in Europe or America. For that reason alone, comparing fashion habits in such different parts of the globe is wrong – but that’s what we do. It can be tentatively said that the country supports European style, but while our neighbors practice normcore and simplify outfits, it can be difficult for us to come to terms with the idea that simple is not always bad.

So it turns out that you instinctively want to add a piece of jewelry or an accessory to every look, and if the look is designed in one color, then suddenly it seems washed out – although this is just a trend. And if young fashionistas, brought up by the international fashion of the 21st century, have almost no such problems, then a generation a little older has similar attitudes every time.

Some experts believe that the fear of looking unsustainable, untasteful – this is insecurity – is to blame, and suggests: “Add a scarf, or even better – sunglasses with a large monogram.”

After all, it was not so long ago that few could stand out with the help of clothes, and since then the idea of ​​\u200b\u200busing the wardrobe as a manifesto of prosperity has been preserved. Hence “provincial” customs to add extra where it is not necessary.

“Provinciality manifests itself in excessive modesty where it is not necessary, and excessive self-confidence where it is also not required,” confirms fashion historian Alexander Vasiliev.

According to the fashion guru, the reason for this provincialism also lies in the lack of real, strong self-confidence, dependence on the opinions of others. That’s why girls sometimes wear skyscraper-sized heels for the most ordinary walk – “Suddenly they think I’m not dressed enough?” But current trends and unusual combinations like sneakers and summer dresses seem impossible – they say it’s not accepted!

What conclusion can be drawn from this? In each of us, to one degree or another, there is an unpleasant, doubtful and, above all, alien voice, dictating how to dress. And if he suddenly tells you that you are creating an image “for people” or because “my mother always said so” – this is a good reason to reconsider your wardrobe and style. Clothes – for you and your confidence and only for this!

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