Thanks to the stripe: 12 beautiful dresses with a slimming effect for fashion fall 2023

Thanks to the stripe: 12 beautiful dresses with a slimming effect for fashion fall 2023

Who hasn’t heard of the miraculous effect of vertical stripes? This weight loss trick has been known for so long that it has even developed quite a few myths. Some fashion experts insist that vertical lines in the image can not only “fix” the figure, but also harm it. And by the way, they are partly right, but that doesn’t change the fact that the strip is the alpha and omega of all weight loss techniques.

Errors happen only because the same strips are selected incorrectly. For example, large vertical lines on small girls can play a cruel joke with them and add volume where it is not needed – the miniature build will cease to be a highlight and will seem to “break”. However, too narrow stripes are also not in our favor – it can create a stripe effect and simply dazzle your eyes.

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So what to choose? Medium-width stripes are a universal option that will suit girls of average height. You can choose a dress with vertical lines of different widths: leave the most voluminous ones in the middle, and the small ones “diverge” to the sides – the figure will seem narrower and slimmer.


Conversely, small stripes are suitable for petite girls, larger stripes are suitable for tall girls, all proportional to their height. And do not forget to pay attention to the ribbed dress: in fact, this is the same vertical print, only “smarter” and neater. What’s more, these structured knitwear will fit perfectly into your autumn wardrobe – straight to the point!

Studio 29 dress

Dress Studio 29, 7900 RUB

to the shop

Finn Flare Dress

Finn Flare Dress, 6999 RUB

to the shop

Dress up fashion rebels

Rebels fashion dress, 23900 RUB

to the shop

Dresses in multiple looks

Multi-Look dress, 4899 RUB

to the shop

Lichi dress

Lichi dress, 5499 RUB

to the shop

Mango dress

Mango dress, 5,999 RUB

to the shop

All we need is a dress

Dress all we need, 8990 RUB

to the shop

Charuel dress

Charuel dress, 15,990 RUB

to the shop

Shake Me Dress

Trese Me Dress, 19,980 RUB

to the shop

Pomp dress

Pompa dress, 10,390 RUB

to the shop

I am Studio dress

I am Studio dress, 5670 RUB

to the shop

Dress 1811

Dress 1811, 8990 RUB

to the shop

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