Fashion Fur vest – bad manners: now girls with taste in demi-season dresses like this

Fashion Fur vest – bad manners: now girls with taste in demi-season dresses like this

In the glorious times, fur vests were so popular that almost every girl dreamed of such an element of her wardrobe. We agree that the vest is very warm and practical, but now it is considered indecent. Moreover, it is ironically called – “fur caterpillar”.

Today we are going to share with you a cool styling trick so that you don’t freeze and don’t put on a winter down jacket. And of course, don’t go the outdated “caterpillar”!

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Most likely, you’ve noticed that fashion influencers often wear light coats or bombers – even in late autumn. So aren’t they cold? Not a bit! Because bloggers have a little secret that they may not notice at first glance. We’re talking about our favorite trick: layering.

Just throw on a bomber or raincoat/coat and add a light puffy vest or thin down jacket underneath. Images with multiple layers are always worth a look and most of all they are warm!

Let’s take a closer look at the street style outfits from our selection below. Trick number one: the vest is worn over the coat to create another layer to keep you warm. And the image itself looks modern and relevant.


Gigi Hadid is also putting together a layered look. For one of her outings, she took an insulated vest and wore an oversized leather bomber jacket on top. And just like that, an ordinary look with jeans and a cropped sweater became much more interesting thanks to a small detail – a vest.

If you only intend to buy a vest, then we sincerely recommend choosing an inflated model – it can be shortened or lengthened. You can throw a bomber or a coat/trench coat over this vest. The main thing is that the bottom layer is shorter than the top – this is important!

So what do we have? At least three options for styling quilted vests, so you won’t have to think about fur “caterpillars” for the next 5 years – and not freeze in the middle of the season. Theory learned, all that remains is practice!

Author: Alexandra Larina

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