7 unexpected combinations of things to try at 50: advice from stylists Fashion

7 unexpected combinations of things to try at 50: advice from stylists Fashion

Experimenting with fashion is one of the most exciting things, especially when you are over 50 and already know what you like and what suits you and what doesn’t. There’s another good news: sometimes you don’t have to go on a full shopping spree to create a new look—you can make do with the clothes you already have. These are combinations that, according to stylists, can bring novelty to an already established style.

Black and navy blue

You may have heard more than once that these two colors cannot be worn together – this opinion is shared by many fashion experts. However, there are those who are sure that this combination is worth trying.

“French women, renowned for their elegance, combine navy and black so often that it could be considered their uniform,” says stylist Elizabeth Kosich. “Try this combination—it can be sophisticated and sophisticated, and it’s very easy to replicate.”

Kosich offers several outfit options: for example, you can wear your favorite black turtleneck under a dark blue jacket, “cross” a little black dress with a dark blue trench coat or a dark blue sheath dress with black.


White top with denim overalls

Stylist and trend forecaster Melissa Fiorentino suggests mature women wear a classic denim jumpsuit with a white blouse and white sneakers. “Combines are usually associated with youth. Dressing up can be fun, practical and feminine if you choose the right shirt,” she says.

A scarf as a belt

Not ready to experiment with a whole new combination of things for you? Start small – use a scarf instead of a belt. “Fold the scarf in half to make a triangle, then roll it up and thread the loops through the waistband of your favorite pants. It’s a great way to break up a monochromatic look or add a twist to a neutral outfit,” explains Kosic.

Dress with pants

“It’s a stylish and unexpected combination,” says Elizabeth. She recommends choosing a wrap dress, wide pants made of light fabric, and shoes with a low heel or wedge.

Canadian tuxedo

Jeans and a denim jacket, explains Fiorentino, are no longer a fashion faux pas, but a fun and easy way to wear your favorite pieces. “This outfit goes well with all shoes – from chunky heels to ballet flats and sneakers,” says the confident stylist.

Turtleneck under dress

According to Kosich, this combination has two advantages: firstly, you can “extend the season” of your favorite silk top combination by wearing it in the fall and even winter, and secondly, you can create an interesting look by choosing a turtleneck that matches or contrasts with the print.

Socks and sandals

If you needed a reason not to put your summer shoes on the far shelves, here it is! According to Kosich, when paired right, socks and sandals can create an interesting and eye-catching look that takes your style to the next level.

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