Skinny is tossed away: this is what autumn’s most fashionable jeans look like Fashion

In the new season, designers are racing to recreate the ideal model of retro jeans – the same legendary baggy jeans that became a strong trend in the nineties and then in 2010 – and have returned to us like a boomerang. fall of 2023.

So the fact remains: baggy super baggy jeans are worn by every world-famous fashion designer without exception. The next question is what options they will choose – and there are actually several. Gucci, for example, took inspiration from the workday aesthetic and donned baggy jeans with a wide belt, while Victoria Beckham’s pant vision is sleeker, with a clean cut at the hips.


Among the most popular options are jeans made to resemble vintage, that is, as if old denim: slightly faded, in a gray-yellow “dirty” color scheme. Another popular variation is pants with cuffs at the waist and, of course, ripped models. Don’t forget the cargo: if you want to update your wardrobe, now is the time to channel this trend.

How to choose the perfect loose jeans? Focus not on the advice of fashion designers, but exclusively on your figure. So you have to go to the fitting room! Maybe your choice is trousers with a clear cut at the waist, or, on the contrary, the same “work” jeans in the style of Gucci, which can only be worn with a belt, will suit you.

It is important to achieve such an effect that your new thing does not visually shorten the legs – this often happens with an incorrectly selected bag.

And since there are many nuances in the cut of these fashionable jeans (pints, waist level, the presence of a gradient effect, pockets, etc.), it is easier not to look for universal advice, but to take several loose jeans into the wardrobe. Get inspired by street style looks with us: this model is worth paying attention to!

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