Don’t ignore those shorts! Amanda Seyfried shows how to accentuate the feet in a flirty way

Don’t ignore those shorts!  Amanda Seyfried shows how to accentuate the feet in a flirty way

Why is everyone so obsessed with the ageless Jared Leto? Look at Amanda: she is 37 and looks exactly the same as in the famous “Mean Girls” – although 19 years have passed since then. So it looks like we’ll be doing some research along the lines of “What the Forever Young Seyfried Eats, Drinks, and Sports” for the next few days. Because her figure is simply a miracle!

And, of course, clothing plays an important role in this. Yes, we will not argue: with such proportions, any thing will look good. However, Amanda still uses some stylistic devices – such as here.

Yes, not all glossy magazines spoke positively about the summer “couple” in the cage. We agree: a rather “flat” jacket with one button without a fixed shape is not considered relevant. But the combination of jacket and suit shorts is a great idea. If only because straight extended lines are visually thin – that’s what we need!

First of all, these shorts are good for a thick suit fabric: they hold their shape and therefore slightly correct the silhouette. In addition, most of the suit models are not guilty of a bad inconspicuous length, so you can wear them in your 20s, 30s, and 40s. Bermuda shorts will be ideal, of course: wide enough, loose but tight on the hips and ideal for summer jackets.


From such combinations we compiled our little wish list, inspired by Amanda’s recent release. All that remains is to go to the cut and choose your perfect summer suit, in which you will appear moderately strict and at the same time subtly emphasize your legs. How not to use this fashion hack?

Studio jackets 29

Jacket Studio 29, 14500 rubles.

to the shop

Studio shorts 29

Studio 29 shorts, 7500 rub.

to the shop

Lucio jacket

Lusio jacket, 21990 rub.

to the shop


Lusio shorts, 8990 rub.

to the shop

Belle You T-shirt

T-shirt Belle You, 2389 rubles.

to the shop

Moccasins GEOX

GEOX moccasins, 12990 rub.

to the shop

Sandals trend

Tendance sandals, 8990 rubles.

to the shop

Source: The Voice Mag



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