What is “FUBAR”? The title of the Netflix series with Arnold Schwarzenegger explained – it was already heard in Stallone

The term “FUBAR”, which gives the title to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s first Netflix series, has existed in world history for a very long time. Nobody knows exactly where it comes from, but it is believed to have been popularized as an acronym during World War II, standing for “mutilated beyond recognition” – that is, for “mutilated beyond recognition”. This not only describes destroyed military equipment, but also situations that are completely hopeless. Some theories therefore assume that the word is derived from the German term “frightening”. The American soldiers couldn’t pronounce it properly, so it became “fubar”. But that is considered unlikely, the acronym solution is more likely.

In any case, “FUBAR” or “FOOBAR” has long been a fixed term that is also used by computer programmers, for example – and has also been widely used in the film and series world, long before the Netflix series things, among others, in a cult hit featuring, of all people, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “rival” Sylvester Stallone.

Even before Schwarzenegger said, Stallone and Spielberg said “FUBAR”

After being in Stallone’s arm-wrestling truck driver Over the top a t-shirt that read “FUBAR” was worn by a background character, crediting Stallone and his onscreen partner Kurt Russell in the action comedy Tango & cash their situation as “fubar” when the only way out of jail is a bit of a crappy idea.

But he’s especially prominent in Steven Spielberg’s World War II masterpiece The soldier James Ryan for. Because there “fubar” is used not only several times, but there is extensive debate about what the word now means. Funnily enough, the theory that it derives from a German term is adopted before the end comes to the resolution mentioned at the beginning: it’s an acronym for “fucked up beyond recognition”. Spielberg and his “James Ryan” actor Tom Hanks also used the term in numerous episodes of their “Band Of Brothers” series.

What does “FUBAR” stand for in the Netflix series?

In the new Netflix series starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, “FUBAR” refers to several things. Relatively often in the series things are so screwed up that they are “screwed beyond recognition” or at least threaten to be. Just think of the express train loaded with nuclear waste that threatens to destroy an entire region. But above all, it is a nod to the many interpersonal relationships in the series. Because they’re basically “fucked up beyond recognition” from all the lying and cheating. The fact that the characters try to solve this with further lies and deceit only makes the situation worse. This is especially true of the relationship between Emma (Monica Barbaro) and her boyfriend Carter (Jay Baruchel).

And at the very end, the title of the series is also mentioned in dialogue – but of course we don’t want to reveal the circumstances at this point.

Incidentally, the new Netflix series was originally announced with the title “UTAP”. What the hell that meant, though, we can’t tell you. Maybe it was a good thing they switched to “FUBAR” then…

Author: Bjorn Becher

Source : Film Starts



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