Osvaldo Ayala will be absent from the stage for 20 days

The typical Osvaldo Ayala will be absent from the stage for a short time, he will have to rest for 20 days after a heart attack on May 18.

The musician underwent catheterization and is currently recovering from the comfort of his home, for which he thanked those who supported him during this difficult time and hopes for a speedy recovery.

In an interview with “Tu Mañana” he commented that he was given 20 days to recover and return to the music arena, but his schedule is covered by his group, Victor Ballesteroson accordion, and Chakatín, singing.

“Scorpion from Paritila” discovered that the heart attack had occurred while he was driving, he felt a severe pain and he went to the clinic where they took his blood pressure and advised him to go to the hospital for some heart tests.

The musician also commented that his colleagues showed solidarity with him. silk fightUlpiano Vergara, Nenito Vargas, Alfredo Escudero and Sandra Sandoval are some of the tipiqueros who wished him a speedy recovery.

He also announced that after 15 days or when he can touch accordion they will go into the recording studio to make a piece.

On the other hand, followers of “El Escorpión de Paritilla” continue to send him messages for a speedy recovery.

“Blessings and a speedy recovery to Scorpio”, “The best in Panama”, “Keep safe, Don Osvaldo”, “It’s nice to see him recovered”, “Greetings to our artist. God bless him” and “A giant without borders…” , are some of the comments.


The commitments previously made by “Ritmo santeño”, Osvaldo Ayala’s group, still stand, Chakatín reported shortly after it was confirmed that the scorpion had suffered a heart attack.

Source: Panama America



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