TV tip: An extremely exciting submarine thriller with two superstars in a nerve-wracking psychological duel

TV tip: An extremely exciting submarine thriller with two superstars in a nerve-wracking psychological duel

‘Crimson Tide – In Deepest Danger’ features the visual brilliance typical of ‘True Romance’ creator Tony Scott and an extremely pointed, mercilessly tightening script from Michael Schiffer (‘Project: Peacemaker’) and Robert Towne (‘Chinatown’) . Two of the greatest actors of the past decades star in the leading roles: Denzel Washington (“Training Day”, “The Equalizer 1-3”) and Gene Hackman (“Merciless”, “Brennpunkt Brooklyn”), who each won twice. Oscars.

“Crimson Tide – In Deepest Danger” airs today, April 3, 2024 at 8:15 PM on Nitro. There is a repeat that same evening at 12.10 pm. Alternatively, you can watch the FSK 12 title at any time as part of the regular subscription Disney+*current. Plus, it’s available on Blu-ray, DVD, and paid video-on-demand:

In addition to Hackman and Washington, many other famous mimes are waiting for you. These include “The Lord of the Rings” Aragorn Viggo Mortensen, “The Sopranos” star James Gandolfini, George Dzundza (“Basic Instinct”), Matt Craven (“The Life of David Gale”), Ryan Phillippe (“Ice Cold Angels ), Rocky Carroll from the long-running series NCIS and even the legendary Jason Robards (The Untouchables) on the cast list.

“Crimson Tide” on Nitro: That’s the story

Russian terrorists have taken control of their country’s nuclear missile base and are threatening to shoot it down. Then the USS Alabama, a US Navy nuclear submarine commanded by Frank Ramsey (Hackman), is sent into the sea area. The captain has been ordered to destroy the base with a preemptive strike after a one-hour deadline.

Suddenly, however, a Russian submarine appears and it is not clear whether the crew sympathizes with the terrorists. When communications with the US Admiralty are lost after a warning attack by the enemy boat, Alabama’s first officer Ron Hunter (Washington) refuses to use nuclear weapons without further confirmation as it could trigger World War III. A dramatic confrontation ensues on board, resulting in Ramsey being relieved of command. Then the Russian submarine attacks again…

Dialogues by Quentin Tarantino

From the outset, when the characters, played brilliantly by Washington and Hackman, first get to know each other, their initially playful discussions about the philosophy of war cleverly imply that they will soon be on different sides. It quickly becomes clear that director Tony Scott and his editor Chris Lebenzon (“Top Gun”) capture the dialogue scenes (some of which were written by Quentin Tarantino!), which are extremely important to the film, as masterfully as the action.

Close-ups, long shots, clever counter-cuts and sometimes provocatively long lingering on one shot have an enormous influence on the fact that ‘Crimson Tide’ comes across as exciting, compact and intense – regardless of whether we are witnessing an argument or an argument. turbulent underwater battle.

Incidentally, the US Navy found the idea of ​​a film in which American officers confront each other offensive. That is why she refused any support in the production. So Scott and his crew had to film the real USS Alabama as it left Pearl Harbor without permission – which wasn’t illegal because it happened in public. When the boat captain was informed of the camera team’s presence, he dove early. A reaction that Scott was very happy with, as he had not expected to be able to film this process in real life and on the open sea.


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